Sunday, March 30, 2008

When Aliens took away Julie

Five meters long, four inches in thickness, round, fresh and at a cheap price of one dollar for a dozen- Julie loved slicing those cucumbers between her legs. The soft moist wet seeds when touched against the soft cones of vanilla ice cream, as she often described them; flowed in such harmony that she let out a soft cry. Julie could feel her body tinge and turn- she let out a moan- the fresh cucumber juice filled her moist inner desires and gave a sensation unlike she had before. When the juice and desire sank in, she took out her favorite Parisian cigarettes and formed halos above her head, in the sparse medallion styled apartment in downtown New York, Julie lived among art, sculpture and dreams. She could have been a model, with the anorexic body and small pear shaped breast, yet somewhat; her preoccupation was more with how art sublimed with architecture that she never fit into any broad category. Nor did it bother her a lot.

Her flat was meticulously principled according to certain parameters of mathematics, which she believed, was like one of her idol Ludwig Wittgenstein had designed. It had two room intersected at such an acute angle, that most people, wouldn’t believe that rooms and living space of such exogamic design could be fathomed. Yet, she seemed, to do thing her own way – abstract yet sublime, the way Gianni Angelli mixed his dressing aesthetic. She hated a routine, that’s one of the reasons she did things out of the extraordinary. During one her exhibition at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), she ran naked wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in the museum. Ever since the scandal, she had become an institution, an emergence seen as vital as Marcel Duchamp, “The Urinal” by most Art critics. But Julie always wondered the case of post-modernist-rambling, as beneath the brass, outlandish, abstract design of her works, her life moved at very peaceful rhythm. She always described the moment alone in her house like living in rural Japan, where you could sit cross-legged on the floors, sip tea, fell the fresh air running up and down your nostrils, and the sound and sensation of your breathing could drown the emptiness and stillness of the place.

Though things in her life, were more claustrophobic then peaceful- and her dislike for routine, always brought in a sense of excitement in the life she wanted. Perhaps, she was confused, at one end she wanted rural Japan, and at the same, she wanted randomness- to poles unlike each other. She preferred the idea of lying on top of man and feeling the insane pleasure of driving down his mantle then letting the man enjoy the conscience of driving down the car at her home- She never felt a need to be feminist or an advocate for any cause. The way she lived, talked, moved, touched, kissed, cursed, and fought was unlike any woman in the world – simply because she was neither being a woman nor a man- she preferred being a human being

Her installation drew large crowd, during one of her recent exhibition at the Tate Modern London, the police had to be called to control the crowd- It was like a mad rush one usually witnesses for a rock concert, the media was crazy, people were crazy, and the tickets were sold within fractions of second. Her exhibition had caused mass hysteria, even before it began- as she had decided to stay naked in a glass house- and to be on public view round the clock- performing all chores-and visiting the restroom too was part of the show. Though the exhibition went out of hand, after, mass protest was carried out by the feminist, a section of the public, government officials, mothers, wives, girlfriends, everyone wanted her to get dressed again.

The night before she was to be evacuated, she had a strange dream. She saw herself in a white room surrounded by revolving nude pictures of woman, there was something very peculiar about them all, and it had the picture of their soft moist vanilla ice cream which Julie recalled. And every picture was transparent, as if one could feel, smell, touch and look deep beyond the thin layer of photographic image. Something about the dream was extremely disturbing for her. When she woke up early morning she had an urge to dress back in her lingerie fearing from something she didn’t know.

…. the short story, will be updated every Sunday, and conclude end of April. A new author will pick up from where the chapter had ended. At the end of the month, every author will provide his/her own conclusion.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS- The Horrors of Indian Television

A recent burlesque advertisement on the state of various new channels in India, had a lot of truth embedded beneath those caricatures, and spoke volume about the pretence nature of these news channels. The advertisement was a premonition for the new upcoming channel. After all, sooner or later, they too would join the same race of presenting us ‘Breaking News’ which hardly moves beyond stars, politicians and interests which does not even speak one truth beyond the superficiality decoy of happiness or truth which these channels represent.

The state of Indian Television stinks. Everything given to the masses is a repetition of events, messages, gestures, sounds, emotions and stories. Not that there is nothing new to explore, or something interesting to talk about, but the fact is, that no one is interested in reporting or programming anything which speaks the truth. Somewhere in the glitz and glamour of, 'Post 90's India', the real India seemed to be buried deep beneath the trenches. Even when Doordarshan had a monopoly before the, 'Satellite Boom', the programming, content and style had a nature of showing or highlighting something important, and at the same time entertained the masses: irrespective of caste, culture or creed- in manners and issues that had something to do with our day to day lives. This does not mean it did not have it's flaws, it did, but not in the same nature of how things are in the present. Today there is an explosion of images. And like the advertisement, they all speak the same thing, day in day out; if you jump from one news channel or prime time television to the next, they all appear just the same.

Even today when you browse through channels and come across ‘Lok Sabha TV or Doordarshan’, a certain amount of honesty can be seen in them. The Lok Sabha TV every Sunday programmes movies from Pan-India, ranging across various languages. And at the same time people of diversity are interviewed and matters critically judged. Such things are unheard on mainstream television.

Even with the mainstream plethora of channels, there isn’t a single news channel which can be held in high regards. Unlike Print Journalism where we have news papers like the Hindu and magazines like Thelka which irrespective of everything take a stand against the mainstream cluttering and prostitution of text- which is a world and art in itself; a vein of sound and image, that brings out and highlight events which are neglected by the mainstream channels. The basic coverage of the so called 'Breaking News' also hold more ground in a 200-250 words report, then 2-3 hours of special news coverage. This is a mere testament to showcase the hollowness of our television coverage. Our news channel like our prime time television, are more concerned about their TRP ratings then what they are reporting. The stories are usually decided on it's mass appeal, along with the manic inclusion of poll by sms on everything- From Sharukh underwear to Katrina lingerie.

Breaking News has become synonymous with, 'Indian News Panorama' that the word has lost all it’s value and meaning. Every time you switch on the television and stop at any moment - They have breaking news. It does not matter what's the value of content they are reporting, all that matters is to classify all news as: Breaking. Following a principle like the wholesalers to attract costumers by having huge billboard screaming on top of their lungs regarding the, ' Discount Rates', the value and usage of ' Breaking News' echoes similar properties.

Every thing and anything fits into this category of mainstream coverage. MS Dhoni riding on his motorbike- Breaking News, Deepika Padukone new boyfriend- Breaking News. The quality and level of, 'News Reporting' go ways below this, in manners which needs to be seen to believe. The qualities of, ‘Hindi News Channel’ stink and go below the parameters of qualifying as worthy. India TV leads the pack as the worst news channel on Indian Television. The only saving grace in these deep-shit-black-waters is the few noteworthy news channels such as CNN IBM and NDTV(English coverage)who from time to time have content, coverage, criticism and programme which raises the bar and brings in certain objectivity to what we are pigeonholed and feed. Though even matters of so called national importance and coverage are sidelined for, 'Popular Topics' and real men, problems, issue are all packed into one broad category and made bench-warmers. Such news never reach the mainstream press, even if some of them do, then, it’s packed by our channel as another;’ Great Indian Soap-Opera'. More than finding out the root cause behind the event. They will be focusing on live animation, music, creating hysteria and to a large extent promoting xenophobia.

News Anchors and Reporters today have become celebrity in their own rights, and are more conscious about promoting their own self-image then the news they are covering. Some of them have come from credible background and have worked hard to reach were they are now. But the sweet smell of success has poisoned this very lot of people. Instead of nurturing and establishing a foundation of, 'Objective Press Coverage', they are busier attending socialite Art events and useless round-table debates. It’s not wrong to enjoy what you have, but it’s definitely against the notion of leaving the grounds from where you have come up.

A common argument like every other field in India comes across even from here: “We give what they audience wants”, most professional from the field say. And this is one of the most illogical form of argument and stand any channel can take, and the people who stand their defending such notion are not even fit to be said anything which the lexicon has to offer. Since, the news channel duty is not to cater to what we want, but to carve a world around us, which would help us understand our society better, and at the same time the country where we live. A recent example of Bihari's who were beaten in Mumbai, the Media were more concerned about what the stars had to say, then trying to understand the root cause of the so called problem. Most matters usually crystalline into another dose of Bollywood, as if we dint have enough of the same-old-tales.

Our news channels are filled with two important passions of India- Cricket and Bollywood. And everyone in the Media seems to be obsessed by the lives of cricketers and filmstars; though only to the extent of their new love affairs and tattos. The brains behind our News source have even put British and American tabloid to shame. Instead of critically judging them, they shift focus and judgment on wins, losses, flops and hits. The sad fact is that we don’t have enough people with balls to critically and fairly judge and condemn bad films or judge proper performance. Most news channel are filled with cricket pundit whose level of cricket may range from Ranji to International but their value of judgment seems naïve when you see that in the same frontier we have people as eminent as Ravi Shastri or Sunil Gavaskar. When it comes down to Cinema the scale dips even more. Just like cricket(where everyone seems to have an opinion) films is another passion where the mainstream coverage is more about what the actresses and actor wore, then the way they are acting. In India, there is no proper forum to critically judge films. And to foster a discussion that would help separate a good film from a bad. This is a very sad fact in a country where Cinema is as old as the medium itself. The fact that any one can judge films and their critical judgment be taken seriously; is an extremely disheartening factor- since the truth never surfaces. Most people are great television hosts but extremely naive critics.

Today, the news presented on television are not reportage any more, instead it’s a mirror to all the Ekta Kapoor soap opera from prime- time- television with all the chutzpah dully packed: Loud music, ludicrous editing, and promotion of morale and values wrapped around polygamy and upper crust refined tales. The sting operation is also a staple diet of most news channel and a favorite arsenal of India TV- almost all their coverage revolve around, 'Sting Operation' which are voyeuristic manic wet dream come true. Since the operation are packaged as a show stellar; to capture the hearts and mind through the magic TRP rating. Another sad fact which may shock most people is that our, ' News Channels' suffer from an acute stature of amnesia. An important issue is forgotten tomorrow, but topics such as Deepika Padukone (much ado about nothing) new love life and Sreesnath tattoos are a rage and can go on and on for weeks.

This may sound strange, that irrespective of explosion of channels, there is hardly any quality content produced here in India. There are efforts being made on frontiers, but these efforts are either too tiny or marginalized. People are given choices but most choice end in deep shit. Even to understand India one has to refer to publication, channels and reports outside the mainstream news press here in India. Our Producers are busy understanding Saif Ali Khan’s tattoo and not trying to cover stories of people like Binyak Sen. People who matter, stories that matter, and the issues which matters are somewhat lost in this black hole created by these channels.

When moving to prime time television the soaps are filled with corrupt morale and ideology. Most soap opera resembles each other. And our films too are reflecting the way television serials are made- erratic zooms, over-blown-hyped-music, the characteristic editing, and not melodrama but extreme melodrama. At the same time, they do and act like dictators. Doing whatever in their will to change stories, and keep rehashing them again and again. Hats off to Actors or people who go against such scripts or serials. It’s really funny to see, that in a country which had serials like Buniyaad, Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne, Shanti, Hasrattein, Karamchand, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Hip-Hip Hurray, Bangei Apni Baat and many other remarkable works has come down to Ekta Kapoor’s tales spin of urban sash –bhau- drama or a story about a village girl in love with a rich guy and later which would again fall in the same category of themes such as:

1) Re-Birth

2) Color of skin, a racist shit in the most extreme vein

3) Polygamy – marriage is not an institution, infidelity is in vogue

4) Crorepati dealing

5) The Vamp

6) The Lovers Cross, double cross, triple and what not cross triangle

7) Well…it gets more scary and bizarre then those things mentioned

8) It sucks.

Even if a serial starts with a certain flow they soon catch on the same veins or the core theme formulated by moderator Ekta Kapoor. It’s almost like prime time television in India is cursed to be so for years to come. Until some important antidote comes our way, we will continue being tortured with this current crop of Ekta Kapoor masala.

The choices for most people who want to watch something good on television are fairly limited. People spend time downloading television shows from US or they spend time watching worthwhile Documentaries, Biographies on Discovery, History or NGC. At least we have a good pool for watching English film and Hindi films. Though the choice of Hindi films is fairly limited to Bollywood, but the choice of English films has become broader, due to the efforts by people at Zee Studio, UTV and Sony PIX. Even Star Movies and HBO once a while show films, documentaries, sitcoms beyond the parametric boundaries.

Two important poles and market exist- Kids and woman. Rest everyone is like branched out in one category. I don’t understand why cant their exist something for this huge pool of people(18-30) who are interested in watching something interesting, worthwhile for their time and money spent. There exists other form of distraction – movies, video games, etc. But watching television forms an internal core of our day to day lives for most people. And this a huge market for interesting and worthwhile sitcoms and shows which could be made and targeted for this core of people who swear by their Lost, Heroes, South Park, Prison Break, The 70s show and stuff. This whole market segment is stagnating here in India today. People who are interested in watching, enjoying and exploring something fresh are not even getting a chance.

It’s strange how angst against the nature and methodology of working in our Television Industry is largely ignored by most people. Even those who regularly watch news or sitcoms do complain about the stink in its programming, but are not ready to voice in opinion unless a backbone is piled up by others- and waiting for the day when a savior comes and screams for a change, so they can voice their support and follow suit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

10,000 Bc- Dus Hazar Bee Cee

Osiris 83 here

What the f**k?

Repeat that from the time this movie starts till the end in a recursive loop. No, it’s not at all difficult. Yes, certain movies can really be so spectacularly moronic. Read on.

I missed the first 5 minutes of the movie – Sunday morning show. Anyway, in a galaxy far away …yes, I know what I’m talking about. This just couldn’t have happened on Earth. No fucking way. So in a certain galaxy far far away, a young mammoth hunter D’Leh (Steven Strait), who is a horrible actor if I may add, hunts a mammoth single handedly and wins the woman of his dreams Evolet (Camilla Belle). Evolet doesn’t speak much but she is quite hot. But, with a name like that, D’Leh could have made a fantastic career being a prehistoric R&B singer, and everyone knows ladies dig the R&B dudes.

Yeah let’s continue … there is an old lady in their tribe who sees things, seems retarded and casts prophecies. Fair enough. There is also a dude who is named Tic Tic (what the fuck?). Tic Tic looks a bit like slightly less fat version of Sabeer Bhatia; while hunting he wears some sort of paint on his face and looks like Ghaal, the vocalist from the black metal band Gorgoroth.

A band of raiders riding horses (what the fuck? Its 10,000 BC) invade their tribe and kidnap a whole lot of people including Evolet. Our dude, D’Leh, with Tic Tic and a kid embark on a journey to get their people back.On the way D’Leh encounters a saber-tooth lion. He makes friends with it. He also encounters phorusrhacidae aka terror birds (what the fuck?) and manages to get away. Eventually, he runs in some African tribe, who assume he is ‘the one’ since the saber-tooth is his friend. Also, he fulfills a prophecy which is nothing but a cave drawing showing a stick figure fighting/talking with a saber-tooth. They all join him with their spears.

Along with his army he marches on and on. Finally he reaches ….. Egypt. How do we know that? Because, there are pyramids. Oui monsieur, pyramids. In 10,000 BC!!!


The rest of it is all about D’Leh (yo) and his army of spear-men rescuing the slaves who turn against the masters, Tic Tic dies (or rather, sacrifices himself), the spearmen and D’Leh free the mammoths who take care of the rest, D’Leh further kills the Egyptian king/pharaoh proving that he is no God but just a mortal. Evolet dies and miraculously lives again. They go back, learn farming and maybe grow some weed. The end.


Now, why exactly does this movie suck? Ronald Emmerich has a fabulous record of directing movies which are really weak from the science point of view (that said, I like Stargate). 10,000 BC, however, gets to the lowest level of mind, beats all those and emerges victorious. D’Leh (what’s the delio?) and his tribe speak in English. Ok, no issues. But why the fuck does other, apparently/seemingly/suggestively, ‘lost’ civilizations talk in a different language? So those tribesmen actually speak in English?

We have the invaders who ride horses, there are terror birds existing, we have sail boats, metallic claws and weaponry and the biggest of all, pyramids (with their tops made out of solid gold). Also, before I forget, Egyptians, *ahem* have maps, geometrical tools and *tah da!!!* Telescopes. I was wondering if they will include Jesus in the movie. Why didn’t D’Leh take the early morning flight to Egypt? Why couldn’t Emmerich just browse wikipedia? OR Why couldn’t he name this movie as 1000 BC or something? OR Why the fuck he did not consult any historian, scientist, archaeologist or anthropologist??? I hate to compare but Mel Gibson did a better job with Apoclypto, and I’m not a fan of that movie. That itself was historically inaccurate but a much better flick.

For all the CGI freaks this could be a treat. The mammoths are well done. Later on, when they actually use miniature models of the pyramids (acquired knowledge from some random forum); the special effects seemed rather dodgy. Maybe because I watched the movie at the local IMAX but it was not in the IMAX format/resolution which could have made the difference.
The performances are just average. Not even close to ‘good’. The dialogues are magniloquent and painful and there is no humor, but don’t worry about that you will find it yourself.

All in all, this movie is bullshit to the max. If you possess the capability to pass those nifty in-betweens go ahead and watch this piece of shit otherwise for fuck’s sake skip it totally. This movie raped my senses. If you want a better way to waste money just drop it off a bridge. Going through a spam folder is probably more entertaining

“You don’t like your device size? Girls laugh at you? Don’t waste time you can solve this trouble right now.”

How fucking refreshing.

Star- Well none.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Gravito" A" Shrut here :-

UTV World Movies is set to revolutionize movie viewing experience by giving us a chance to watch films from all nooks and corners of the world. Ever since it’s launch, I have spent a considerable amount of time getting cozy with the channel. The facts are that except for one or two non-repeated films in a week, the channels highlights are repeating the same films over and over again, hence beating Star Movies, Zee Studio and Sony Pix at the game. Though my two recent favorites has been Pen- Ek Invisible Waves starring Asano, and a A short film about love directed by the master Kieslowski, but for the first post I decided to go through a film which even though is screaming with clichés and a lot of rip-offs and cheap philosophy, I somewhat liked the films. I wonder whether I was stoned or something, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s like how Cahier Du Cinema had, Lady in the Water as their top film of the year, maybe somewhere in that vein I like this film.

It looks like the people at UTV love Spanish Cinema minus Carlos Saura and Pedro Almodovar. Oculto is directed by Antonio Hernández, the movie is about a Love Triangle, with dreams adding it to the thrilling and emotional effect. The Movie starts slowly, in a dream interpretation research center where three people (two women and one guy) meet by coincidence and have identical dreams. Dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history


The movie focuses on how dreams influence our lives and live functions as an arbitrary abstract incarnation of the dream. And of course there is a “Love Triangle” which is the main plot here. There are dozens of Dream Sharing blogs and portals, which clearly interpret dreams (for if that is what your hoping, this is wrong place sorry); there are none which truly shows you the true meaning of Dreams. The only textbook pure formation of the abstract nature of the dream was the seminal work of Sigmund Freud.

Let's try to make a parallel with Occult and Dreams we have. For one thing, Natalia was one lovable girl, whose dreams always had a meaning (Monolith with an image), which saved her life and which literally destroyed her life. But i never ever had a feeling that Dreams were destroying my life, I used to have nightmares about ghosts, but that was because I lived in officially haunted place (Jamalpur, for Dark Banglow). Nevertheless it gets your brain working, whether can Dreams end one's life or make you insane? Another thing which I liked about this movie is how you can manipulate dreams for your advantage.Beatriz hated Natalia for she stole away her love (who committed suicide because of Natalia). She took her revenge using “Dreams” as a tool to navigate her anger and frustration.

While it is known that our day to day life and worries are showcased in dreams, manipulating it, for me thrills me. Also arises the theory of identical dreams, I have never heard of someone who has identical dream as mine, for that is very rare indeed, we can conclude that it happens to people who are deeply connected to each other. The ending of the movie is also with a dream, movie lends the effect of "Love is like a Dream, you can't borrow it”.

What we see often in the movie as "Lucid Dreaming" is what I dream and I think many people do. So what can we all further know about Dreams after this movie, which is that dreams are like those” ultraviolet" images, having significance which we don't see but are there waiting to be discovered. Dreams are the influence of our life we lived, the deeper memories we hid, and the worries we have. Sometimes Dream will warn us, sometimes dream will haunt us, but as long as humans sleep, Dreams will follow us. And with this note I retire to dreams and delving deeper into what does it means to us. And do watch the movie since UTV World Movies has the disease of repeating their films again and again it will at least be a better catch then the films on Star, Sony or even Zee Studio.

Star- *** Worth Watching only on World Movies.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jodha Akbar = FAIL

Osiris 83 here -

I honestly cannot comprehend why the hell did so many so called (and maybe self proclaimed) critics of our country, who are nothing more than pretentious bastards and fan boys belonging to certain camp (SRK camp, Amitabh camp et al), lauded this movie as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘path breaking’.

The hype machine started spewing praises ever since Mr. Gowarikar announced this project. Then came the music release followed by the delay. The release finally happened and with it came the controversy-wagon with the movie getting banned, Rajputs protesting, historians playing the dick waving contest and what not.

I somehow managed to get the tickets after 2 weeks of the release. More than the historical accuracy I was interested in seeing Mr. Gowarikar’s metamorphosis as a director or rather, a storyteller. After watching the movie I am left disappointed.
The movie actually started with a few disclaimers or maybe waivers which clearly said that this is one of the ‘many’ interpretations of the Jodha-Akbar story. Alright, I have no issues with that. I don’t even care if those messages were put after the bickering began.
In case anyone is wondering, this is not a review of the movie. I’m just going to mention what I found appealing and what I did not.

- Hritik’s performance in a few scenes. He can be a good actor at times. There were glimpses of brilliance throughout the movie, no doubt about that. I went with a certain prejudice but I stand corrected. Well done.

- The sets and costumes. This is probably where they pumped in the maximum cash and it came out well.

- Aishwarya!! In all the seriousness of this world, she is old, get over her. No, she is not at all looking ‘ethereal’ plus she has an ugly waistline.

- The war scenes were, in one word, ’stark’. Again, no, I’m not expecting anyone to render LOTR-esque C.G.I enhanced battles but c’mon there were like 300? … 500? … people in the Mughal army as shown in the movie. There could have been more but it certainly seemed very less. I’m not very profound when it comes to identifying the lenses used for shooting so I cannot tell if it was because they used wide-angle lens instead of telephoto or whatever. It looked bad … how bad? There were roughly 10 times more people watching India vs Sri Lanka at the stadium (on a weekday, in Australia) … that bad.

- The one-on-one sword fights were crap. The slow-mo sequences look conceited.

- Glycerine. Probably the majority of the budget went towards glycerine. Every time there is a scene which requires an actor to cry, notice the eyes. Bloodshot!! As if they are riding high on a high dose of purple-Jesus-acid.

- Music – Ok, its not bad, its not good either. Very average.

- Screenplay – Everyone knows its a three and a half hour movie. My flat-mate puts it as ‘Jodha Akbar aur Rubber’, obviously emphasizing on the length … no hidden references to any contraceptives here. There was absolutely no need to accentuate on the Jodha and Maham Anga (Ila Arun) and I’m particularly referring to the scene where Jodha, apparently, invades the kitchen. That scene is simply unadulterated saas-bahu drama. - FYI Maham Anga was Akbar’s nourishing-mother, his real mother was alive and well.
I get it, its a romantic movie based on the depiction of Ashutosh Gowarikar. Oh, really? Mr. Gowarikar, sorry but your depiction is punctured with clichés.
The scene where Akbar does his pyaar ka izhaar, oh why was that scene shot that way? I don’t know if I’m a hopeless romantic but Akbar’s love life, as per this movie, is super-corny.

There have been so many comparisons with Mughal-E-Azam where Jodha Akbar has been favoured. Not in my book though.
Again, I stress that I don’t want heavy duty production values. Just that why does every other movie has to be ridden with these banal sequences? An assassination attempt, Akbar is on the verge of dying, Jodha prays, a divine light shines, ab ye khatre se bahar hain … bloody hell.
If it is about Jodha Akbar then why the hell it cannot be a simple story? If it is a political allegory then why those feckless sub-plots that do nothing but murder the whole aspect of the story? Why was the narrator (Amitabh Bachchan) used so scarcely?

*throws hands in the air*

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pravda: The Burden of Dreams

My college life has almost come to an end. It actually ended long time back, but officially it would be over in a month or so from now. I wonder though, when will I clear my back papers. The reality of how difficult it’s to make my first feature film in India, and especially if the matter is social-black-comedy-provocative is dawning upon me. As I move from one place to the other in search for a Producer and spend hours writing to countless “State Funds” or prepare applying for them. The best part about trying to make a film is that it takes time and is energy consuming. Beside it brings you back to reality- the chance of being rejected in trying to make a good fillm is 99.99%.

Thousand dreams dies, thousand aspirations fails and only lucky few embark on a journey to make films. I have always been romanticized by the idea that a collective group of people who care for Cinema should come along to make films- Support where needed. And that ways, things really move in they own “Independent” pace and spirit. Perhaps such notions is still a dream for most of us all( though I have seen and meet lot of people who are looking for the same thing) but something or the other always goes missing and it does not click in most cases.

In the end, the journey continues to reach the silver screen - some may pass the test, some may fail. And in this journey the key to survival for most people,( who are trying to bring changes in their own methods and ways of Cinema) - is to stick together. Else it won’t be long before will be in the same league as our peers. And will be lamenting like they say, “We too had the same dream” to change and conquer the world.