Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock Films

American Center and Cine Darbaar welcomes you for the retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock movie from May 7th-9th 2010, American Center, New Delhi. Discussions follow each screening.

In its continuing efforts to screen films by past and present cinematic masters for a large group of people and subsequently inculcating critical discourse through discussions among the audience members, thereby attempting a restoration of cinema to a communal activity, Cinedarbaar will organize a retrospective of the films of cinema heavyweight Alfred Hitchcock. The event will feature interactive sessions conducted by the writers from – typical of all events organized by Cinedarbaar, multimedia presentations to illustrate various aesthetic schemes employed by Hitchcock to achieve the title of ‘Master of Suspense’, and his everlasting influence on hordes of cinema greats who followed him. READ MORE

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cannes 2010 lineup

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival, held annually at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in the French city of Cannes since 1946, has announced the list of films in its official selection for its 63rd edition, to be held from 12th May to 23rd May 2010. Read More

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Film Camp

Cine Darbaar is a non-profit welfare society has been engaged in promoting cinema in India and Indian films internationally. Its vision lies in programming and curating films with the purpose of taking cinema seriously in our country by developing sensibilities through exposure to good cinema.

Cine Darbaar’s focus lies in making a good platform for education in cinema in India. Hence it has been organizing workshops for all demographics in India and provides opportunities to those who lack the accessibility to learn about the medium.


Venue: Film City, Marwah Studios, Sec 16-A, Noida

Duration of the workshop: 12 Days

Dates: 24th May to 3rd June 2010


The Cinedarbaar Summer Film Camp basis its activities upon the belief that the children are not provided with enough opportunities or outlets for the expression of their creative, intellectual or social beliefs – and with the oncoming of the digital media and its utilization in the process of filmmaking, children can now be enabled to produce their own films, which will be their personal documents of expression, articulation and communication. These digital films they make will be the modern day versions of yesteryear’s personal diary.

Cinema education is not a part of school curriculum, and by introducing the students to the intricacies of filmmaking, the workshop will provide them with a chance to explore their creativity and apply their talent to something productive.READ MORE

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indian Auteur- March 2010

The Madcap Laughs:

IA TABLE OF CONTENTS: Volume no 2 Issue no-1, March 2010

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Articles on the web


Postmodernity and the Cinematic Object in the films of R. W. Fassbinder- Devdutt

LA Bande Designee

Omniyam- Kamal Swarop/Jay Krishnan

Cover Story

Shion Sono Exposed- Jasper Sharp

The Man of the Moment: Sono Sion- Anuj

Practical Joker and AirMan- Ebrahim Kabir

Dreaming in Darkness- Sagorika Singha

Exposing Memories- Sachin Gandhi

From The Vault

Cinema and ethics: Somo Sahi