Thursday, April 1, 2010

Indian Auteur- March 2010

The Madcap Laughs:

IA TABLE OF CONTENTS: Volume no 2 Issue no-1, March 2010

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Postmodernity and the Cinematic Object in the films of R. W. Fassbinder- Devdutt

LA Bande Designee

Omniyam- Kamal Swarop/Jay Krishnan

Cover Story

Shion Sono Exposed- Jasper Sharp

The Man of the Moment: Sono Sion- Anuj

Practical Joker and AirMan- Ebrahim Kabir

Dreaming in Darkness- Sagorika Singha

Exposing Memories- Sachin Gandhi

From The Vault

Cinema and ethics: Somo Sahi

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tomblands said...

Great news about Sono Sion which is the best japanese filmmaker right now. I did an interview with him when in was in France in february. You can read it here, it's the longest interview of him ever made: