Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock Films

American Center and Cine Darbaar welcomes you for the retrospective of Alfred Hitchcock movie from May 7th-9th 2010, American Center, New Delhi. Discussions follow each screening.

In its continuing efforts to screen films by past and present cinematic masters for a large group of people and subsequently inculcating critical discourse through discussions among the audience members, thereby attempting a restoration of cinema to a communal activity, Cinedarbaar will organize a retrospective of the films of cinema heavyweight Alfred Hitchcock. The event will feature interactive sessions conducted by the writers from – typical of all events organized by Cinedarbaar, multimedia presentations to illustrate various aesthetic schemes employed by Hitchcock to achieve the title of ‘Master of Suspense’, and his everlasting influence on hordes of cinema greats who followed him. READ MORE

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