Monday, March 16, 2009


Mr B

Anruag Kashyap's Gulaal review is in...check it out.

When you watch Gulaal, you are never looking for brave camera movements, forced perspectives, depth of images, innovative angles, startling shot divisions or diegetic wizardry. Nor is his art-design the most unique, usually punctured with neon-signs, corners in shade, a throwback or two to the counter-culture era of the late 60s or early 70s, usually manifested in the form of tributes to icons as diverse as: Hendrix, Fosse, Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles. Regardless of their relevance in the current scenario, but present, nonetheless, for the automatic richness they would add to any texture. Read More


- Satyajit Ray on Cinema.

- Jia Zghanke is one my favorite filmmaker, and its a matter of celebration to see the release of three of his movies in India by Excel Entertainment. Expect more on him and his cinema soon on Indian Auteur

NDTV Lumiere and Excel Home Videos will be releasing movies from Chinese film-maker Jia Zhang Ke on home video.

The DVDs include Platform (2000) and Unknown Pleasures (2002). Regarded as the leading figure of the ‘Sixth Generation’ movement of Chinese cinema, Jia Zhang Ke’s second feature film Platform and third feature Unknown Pleasures along with his multiple-award winning first feature Xiao Wu are together considered as a informal trilogy of China’s transition into modernity.

Both DVDs are priced at Rs 499.


- The Second round of Cinephile Meeting are in a full swing. So those who are interested in organising one in their city or particpating in the listed cities please visit the website for time and venue

- Read Issue-1, and Isuse- 2 coming soon. I know we are late. :)

pic- Mr B, a film in making.


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Shubhank said...

So, does Mr B use rotoscope animation?

Anuj said...


How I wish it did! We will make that kind of a film later. Surely. This is a live-action film, and the still has been manipulated. Sorry for disappointing you. :(
Also, great news as far as the release of Zhangke's films are concerned. Just wish they weren't so exorbitantly priced.


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