Wednesday, May 20, 2009

French Pronunciation

French have played an important role in shaping the history of cinema and we often include their cinematic diction in trying to express ourselves. In spite of the fact, we understand the term, we often mispronounce them. This mp3 is a small guide from Harrytuttle that gives you a chance to listen, read and learn how to pronounce words that have sculpted the tradition of cinema.

Indian Auteur: French Pronunciation.

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nitesh said...

First of all thank you for the wonderful mp3, Harry. And for the comments earlier, Harry and Srikanth .

This discussion is a continuation from the last comment on Russian Cine Experience.

What is sweetest thing about the whole Cine experience is that we proved people wrong. When we approached the Russian Cultural Center for supporting us to do this whole event the first question they raised- “Will anyone come to watch Tarkvosky?” I cannot blame them for their skepticism simply because when I had earlier gone for one of their screening organized by Film Trust of India and Russian Cultural Center on the occasion of celebration Mosifilm, we were total of less than 10 people for the screening on the opening day. And this is the condition for most screening held here.
So finally we could break this jinx and I’m happy that it’s a small but important platform to grow for us. But we do have some difficult task ahead: Taiwan, Mexico, French, etc.

Today: Screening


Hall Capacity- 120

Turnout- 70 people

Disussion-15 people

Walkout- 5 people (The people who walked out were Russian language students. So we enquired reason for their walkout and this was one of their first experiences of Tarkvosky and they were bored to hell. They said they did not know where to look or what to see.
We began the screening sharp at 5:30pm unlike the other days where we waited for people till 6pm. Even during weekdays people made it a point to come, which was clearly surprising. Though everyone expressed that the timings were definitely not suitable for weekdays.

Most people walked out once the film got over. Partly our fault too that we did not introduce the film today and neither announced to stay back. Yet, some of the people who were now acquainted with our style of screening stayed back.

The discussion started with Supriya talking a little about the background of the film and how the film came into being. We than opened the film for discussion.

And from the very beginning people were raising some very interesting question, to which at least I did not have replies but learned quite a lot. One of the most interesting elements was how an audience even if in a smaller number becomes aware to actively look at films and evaluate what they have seen before.

One of the audience members raised a certain question: regarding the presence of water, the usage of sound (heightened) and even some form of relation between the last couple of films.

People also spoke regarding long takes once more. And by now at least the people who were attending regularly slowly began to get conscious of his signature shooting style.

We also gave a brief background on the long takes and everyone seemed to have no problem in relating how(takes) affect the what(images) we see.

The discussion than took an interesting turn when it lead to the scene when Domenico burns himself, and Beethoven 9th Symphony plays on. Some people thought that the film till now played in a very subtle manner and all of a sudden the idealist nature of the Tarkvosky or the character was onscreen. Supriya provided here views that all the while Domique was living within himself so before his death it was the only method for him to release what he wanted to say.

Before the discussion could go any further... we were told that it was getting too late for the auditorium to be closed. Although it wasn’t. But it doesn’t matter. With this Cine Experience coming to a close in the next few days, we are making new contacts, new friends and definitely slowly gaining lot of experience.

nitesh said...

Few Audiences reactions:

-On the first day of screening, and the first discussion, Supriya went in front of the audience and said: “We don’t like this film…AT All!!!!!! And boy oh boy it created a scandal. Everyone demanded an explanation from then on. The movie was Peter FM. Interestingly, on the second day an American lady commented on the fact that we should be more controversial like the first day.

- After the discussion on the second day(movie The Island )some one of the audience member shouted
“This is not class”.

- One of them also said “Dissolve was the most useless editing technique ever invented”. He also added that it was pointless we talking about cinemascope and its usage in the films. Since it adds no depth. And also sound. But went on to add to facts, that the Film Island made him see loneliness. To which one of the Russian audience member fiercely rejected. And the usage of sound to which we rejected. Before we could counter on dissolve and cinemascope- he left.

- On the third day an audience member found it offending that we were trying to tell them or show them the difference between theater and cinema. He said everyone knows it. Theatre is in front of you and cinema is shot. He later got up and left after he heard something negative against Steven Spielberg.

- Some of the audience member only saw his images as haunting and depressing.

-Everyone seemed to think we are film students. Or studying in film school when we say no, lot of people asks about our revenue model. Or they think we just event managers. Whatever be the case people are interested.

Two more days to go.

HarryTuttle said...

Thanks for the continued feedback, Nitesh. That's very interesting.

One thing I want to say is that when you show movies to the audience, the critic should step down, let the movie stand for itself, let the audience appropriate the material and make their own decision without feeling pressured/influenced by someone else's prejudice of it.
Film analysis/interpretation usually comes after film viewing. If the audience came in to watch it (despite the bad reviews they may have read), they want to enjoy it. Never ruin the virgin experience, the first contact with a film.

If you say you hate the film before the show, the audience might think they bought a ticket and wasted their time even before they can even see the first scene. And you owe respect to the Russian Cultural centre (who suggested the film I suppose) if you want to work with them in the future.
What I mean is that you can only express your critical opinion after the screening, when the audience has seen as much of the film as you. Then the debate can start.

If you don't like the movie, don't screen it at all. And if you have to screen it anyway, then let the audience enjoy their time first, and connect with the film in their own personal way.

If it was a special Tarkovsky retrospective, maybe you should have screened the documentaries Toninio Guerra's "Tempo di Viaggo" and Chris Marker's "Cinéma, de notre temps: Une journée d'Andrei Arsenevitch" that are fascinating insights in his work, and might help to understand the "depressive/haunting images" in his cinema.