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Taiwan Cine Experience




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At the ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTRE, 27 and 28th June

NEW DELHI, 11 JUNE: The Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC) in collaboration with Cine Darbaar will host “Taiwan Cine Experience 2009” from June 27 to 28 at the Islamic Cultural Centre, here.

The two-day festival will be inaugurated by Mr S M Khan, Director, Directorate of Film Festival, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting at 5 pm on June 27, followed by the screening of the film, Three Times. The guest of honour will be film director Mani Kaul.

According to TECC Representative Wenchyi Ong, the festival will help Indians to watch Taiwanese films such as Palme d’Or and Cannes-nominated movie Three Times, critically acclaimed psychological thriller The Hole, Berlin International Film winner The River and the autobiographical film, A Borrowed Life. “The aim of the festival is to spread the aesthetics of Taiwan cinema,” he added.- SNS

(This is a report written by Mr. Jose Kalathil, published by The Statesman dated June 12, 2009, Page 4.)


27th June, Saturday

5 pm

Inauguration and a brief introduction by Mr. Mani Kaul (film director) and SM Khan (Director of film festival, India)

5:30 P.M.

Zuei Hao De Shih Guang (Three times) by Hsiao Hsien Hou, 120 min, 2005

8: 00 P.M.

Dong (The Hole), by Miang Liang Tsai, 95 minutes, 1998

28TH June, Sunday

11:30 a.m.

Orz Boys, 2008, by Ya Che Yang 110 min, 2008

3 P.M

He Liou (The River), by Ming Liang Tsai, 115 min, 1997

6 P.M.

Duo Sang (A borrowed Life), by Nien Jen Wu, 165 min, 1994


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Our fourth cine experience of the year...the team has been working on the ground promotion and online. Let's see how it turns out to be. Will be updating this time with pictures, feedback and more.

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Will update definitely on the blog, but here is a quick writeup on the forum.