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The Granma

Six months or half an year ago, we launched Indian Auteur with a certain set of objectives in mind – the primary among them being the need to protect our notion of cinema – one of a personal, uncompromising, unflinching artist who wields the camera – instead of one whose film is a result of populism, rather than it being the other way around. The notion of an auteurist cinema. In these six months, we have been called confrontational, controversial, direct, and romantic. We have also been called cinephiles. The former is what we would call the collateral damage of the exercise we have undertaken. The latter is our reward. But the idea is in the penultimate stage of its life cycle. As we come out with the sixth, the half-yearly issue, we seek a restitution and a renewal of ourselves as an organization. Hence, in September , we will reveal ourselves in a completely new format. Therefore, with the promise of rewarding our loyalists, and provoking those who are not, we will take this e