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Indian Auteur: Feb 2010, Issue no-9 online

EDITORIAL :- LOVE EXPOSURE: Boa Sr, died a broken heart, she was about 85. She suffered from loneliness and isolation, as she had no one to speak to. At the time of her death, she passed away with histories(s) that linked to a tribe that was 65,000 years old. She was the last surviving member of the Bo tribe of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. In the only reality that we know of- death- Boa Sr, became a memory. One that is hardly documented or one that is never represented, in other words she became, a dream. A figment of imagination, of which mainstream India, has absolutely no clue. With the ever changing Indian landscape coupled with our power to show celebration of mainstream cinema and exploitative documentary (the only possible identity for most Indian documentary films). The state of affairs of our own being is reduced to nothingness with each passing day. Our choice to express our identity that contains our personal world view has become limited. It’s next to impo