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Café Lumiere

We often went to the movies. The screen lit up and we trembled…But more often than not Madeleine and I were disappointed. The pictures were dated, they flickered. And Marilyn Monroe had aged terribly. It made us sad. This wasn’t the film we’d dreamed of. This wasn’t the total film that each of us had carried within himself...the film we wanted to make, or, more secretly, no doubt, that we wanted to live. Paul, in Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin‑féminin Every time I travel back from college or randomly hop on a bus. I try understanding the subtle nature of how light and patterns reflect on our moods and affect our lives- consciously. I guess we are never aware of how much color is part of our lives. And at the same time, I try deciphering and comparing two distinct images from Cinema and Life. Sometimes, when I slightly tinge my pupil and look across; everything get’s out of focus and blurred at night. Cars, street lights, people, everything becomes an union of yellow, blue

Indian Directors- A Report Card.

On March 30 th , 1955, Truffaut published in Art a tract entitled “The French Cinema short on Ambition,” wherein he suggested precise rating of the “89 French Directors of the day, whom he divided into five categories. I had just finished watching most, if not all, works of past and contemporary directors of Indian Cinema. This works range from the Avant Grade films of John Abrahm to Farah Khan pastiche 70s curry antidote, Om Shanti Om. I , confess, I must have missed few noted Directors and a number of them from Telegu and Tamil Cinema- Since I’m yet to get familiar with a lot of film from South.. Yet, from whatever I have seen till date, which includes more than 500 Indian Films ranging across language and Directors from experimental to commercial. I decided to lay down the “Directors “according to the five broad categories laid by Truffaut. The basic rule of thumb used to categorize this “Dir