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Indian Auteur: November, Issue no-7

TABLE OF CONTENT : NOVEMBER 25th- December 25th Issue no:7 E-Magazine Archive (article available on the web from this issue) AUTEUR The Legend of Herr Zolka: Anuj Malhotra COVER STORY Paradise Lost : Kshitiz Anand Cinephilia in India : Nitesh Rohit Porgramming a film festival : Sachin Gandhi Seeing is Believing : Supriya Suri Cinephile, Adjectiv- Cinephilia in Romania : Anamaria Dobincuic Winds From The East : Sagorika Singha Multiplexes, Millions& Wood : Anuj Malhotra Interview Adrian Martin World Cinema The Space Race: Gautam Valluri Reviews Crossing The Bridge: Gautam Valluri Deep in the Valley: Anuj Malhotra Inglourious Bastards: Gautam Valluri Animal Town: Supriya Suri EDITORIAL: “The Cinephile is an orphan who chooses to be kidnapped by a rather special passer-by who launches him, but not just any old way, on his apprenticeship in the world” Serge Daney My father was one of the lucky few in his college years who had a bicycle, an

Global Festival of Documentary Films

Global Festival of Documentary Films emerges as the most prestigious South Asian Documentary Film Festival as it bags the most awarded and talked about films for participation in the Festival organized by International Film & Television Club of Marwah Studios, a Creative Enterprise. Eminent film makers like Megan Mylan, Teri McLuhan, A.S. Bedi, Kim Longinotto amongst a long list of internal names enter their films in the festival. Global Festival of Documentary Films is taking place from 20th to 22nd November, ’09 at Marwah Studios Complex, Film City, Noida, U.P.The awards in the Young Film Maker Category would be – 1st prize of Rs. 25,000/-, 2nd prize of Rs. 15,000/- and IIIrd prize of Rs.10, 000/- The highlights of the Festival are Smile Pinky by Mylan Megan, an Oscar winner this year, and Frontier Gandhi by Terry McLuhan, renowned film maker. These directors will be present to interact with the young film makers to share their experiences and observations. This would be a g

An Interview with Atsushi Funahashi

Please could you elaborate, for us, on your history and growth as a cinephile. I was a pure cinephile when I was in my teens and was watching as many movies I could. Usually in Japan it’s very hard to get into college so you have to study a lot. That’s why the high school forces you to quit sport- I was playing tennis since I was a kid- but the school forced me to quit and two years were spent in preparation of an entry into college. And I absolutely hated it, because it’s forbidden. A friend of mine encouraged me to come and watch films, and so I did. That one movie turned into a life long passion. But the movie that had a great impact on me was Samuel Fuller’s White Dog . I just had to spend time watching many Fuller films and it was cheap at around 600 Yen (around 6$). It is a reasonable cost for high school students. READ MORE RELATED READING DEEP IN THE VALLEY FILM REVIEW