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IA Weekly- Raavan

Rossellini says, “A shot is not right when it is beautiful, but beautiful when it is right,”; and these attributes (right, or wrong) can be attached to something only in relation to something else; only within a context; which is to say, something is right only when something else is wrong. In the case of a film, that context is a set, almost unchangeable aesthetic plan that a film chooses for itself. Read More

Indian Auteur

‘What is the point of a dream that is not unattainable? If it’s attainable, is it even a dream still?’ A vacation has been imposed upon Indian Auteur; and this is no time for a vacation. Like Robert Frost’s traveler being compelled to make a detour which he undertakes in his sleepy stupor, we have become victims of our circumstance. Due to some technical and design issues, the website's content has not been updated. We are working on making the interface and experience for our readers more enjoyable. In a recent interview with trade analyst Komal Nahta, setup to make it seem like a serious discussion on his film Housefull’ s grand success, director Sajid Khan took the opportunity presented to him by the commercial vindication of his film to ridicule each new filmmaker who tries to attempt a personal film because well, apparently, they do not know how to make films for the audience and he does. The point he states, and overstates is that he is a man des