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Taiwan Cine Experience

TAIPEI ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL CENTRE and CINE DARBAAR ( Cordially invite you to TAIWAN CINE EXPERIENCE 2009 At the ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTRE, 27 and 28th June NEW DELHI, 11 JUNE: The Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre (TECC) in collaboration with Cine Darbaar will host “Taiwan Cine Experience 2009” from June 27 to 28 at the Islamic Cultural Centre, here. The two-day festival will be inaugurated by Mr S M Khan, Director, Directorate of Film Festival, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting at 5 pm on June 27, followed by the screening of the film, Three Times. The guest of honour will be film director Mani Kaul. According to TECC Representative Wenchyi Ong, the festival will help Indians to watch Taiwanese films such as Palme d’Or and Cannes-nominated movie Three Times, critically acclaimed psychological thriller The Hole, Berlin International Film winner The River and the autobiographical film, A Borrowed Life. “The aim of the festival is to spread the

Indian Auteur- Issue no-4 June 14th- July 14th

Editorial- Issue No-4 In an interview with Jacques Rivette, the great French auteur Jean Renoir remarked that technical advancement is not the way forward but step backward towards ugliness. Something that we witness every Friday with our weekly release of mainstream films, no matter how far our directors go with their new gizmos they still lack the touch to create magic on screen- like a Guru Dutt close-up- or a Vijay Anand dynamic camera movement. This absence is evident across our mainstream industry in India. And even our regional cinema is decaying and adopting the nomenclature of Bollywood. Read More Issue No-4 ------------------------

Le post-modernism explique aux enfent

Postmodernism for Kids or What is POSTmodernISM In this lucid account of postmodernism DR. ARUP RATAN GHOSH cites examples form our known Indian culture, the day-to-day experiences and from the Indian myths, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata en route to Jibanananda Das, Uday Shankar School of Dance, the entertainment Hindi films and the hyper-real festivals and the worship of the Goddess Durga- Postmodernism looked through Indian visionary terminals Postmodernism is a world view. It is very difficult or impossible to define what is postmodernism? We find that philosophy to latest fashion-shoe all are labelled as post-modern. Variety is the spice of postmodernism. Postmodernism takes its breath in differences. So from fashion designers to social philosophers the context of postmodernism comes in contradiction, hybrid and chaos. From global politics including the poverty in the third world to MTV, postmodernism exists everywhere. In the name of definition or something li


TRUE “Do not call it Bollywood. This is a very wrong thing to call it. We are not trying to copy Hollywood. We are making films for an audience of a billion people. Over 80% of these people don’t have enough food in their bellies. Our country does not provide its people with pool halls, basketball courts and video parlours, so we make films for them that will let them forget their lives for 3 hours. We create total fantasy, not the polished reality that Hollywood portrays. Never forget that, never forget that we are making films that allow people to believe for 3 hours that they are not poor and hungry”. Subhash Ghai, Indian filmmaker, producer...etc. BOLLYWOOD STRIKE ENDS Lies How I learned to stop worrying about life and watch only Bollywood films When will strike and curfews end in Manipur? Cinema-verite When will we see traffic jam in our films When will we hear stories from Manipur, Orissa, Chattisgarh..... When will... When will... When will... When will..

Poem in the Form of A Film Poster

Fernando Birri I see, I see a green parrot in the Zoo in Berlin and I think: “ The New Latin American Cinema is today a reality But But But Twenty-five years agao It was utopia Which is the new utopia? and the parrot the green parrot green parrot whose name is Latin is very difficult but who is surely called Junacito or Nemesio is a parrot from the High Parana that is to say my brother or my cousin I saw him, I saw him And I think: ‘National identity. Did the parrot need its national(and critical) identity? But ourselves, we do We needed it: for a national cinema realist and critical Later we added Popular’. I see, I see the parrot Looking at the grey sky Of Berlin through the holes Of the woven wire of cage It wasn’t sad just effective. And I think: “The Problem now is the language (ideology we’ve dealt with) blood saliva sperm death resistance Violent,serene liberation from hunger Of conscience A revolution which doesn’t revolutionize (permanently) Its language alphabets ge