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IA Dialy: Osian Film Festival 2009

THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS Friday, 24 th October 2009 saw the commencement of the 11 th Osian Cinefan, the prestigious film festival that centers itself in New Delhi. The festival will be noted for the first significant instance of a major festival’s embracement and acknowledgment of changes in our mainstream cinema that they can see and we cannot. Thus, the fortress of Delhi, after much resistance from its enclosed and exclusive art culture, has finally fallen to the all pervasive market phenomena of Mumbai. It is an invasion, thus, of the old sacred space whose preservation is as essential as the protection of a national monument – for like the latter, the former is a document of the existence of a minority like us – a document we are not willing to let go of just as yet .Read More --------- The ongoing work of Cinedarbaar was briefly mentioned in the leading daily Times of India. NEW AGE FILM CRITICS : Ruhi Basin Popular flicks screened at multiplexes and on televisi

Indian Auteur: Forum

OUR E-zine Our Forum Our Website The primary goal of Indian Auteur is to initiate a discussion among people who love cinema and everything else that is part of the medium. Discussion is an important reason for us taking different initiative across India. From our journal, Cinephile Meeting, Film Experiences and the Online Forum. The Forum is a place where one should engage in a discussion to understand and discover cinema. The Forum is a place to learn and interact. So please abide by the rules and guidelines to keep a healthy, passionate and engaging discussion among cinephile brewing across the world. pic- Yo La Tengo, cover album.

Indian Auteur E-Mag and Website Online.

Online E-Mag. Download E-Mag Those who view the storm from afar. …see no difference between Here and there To join in and to become a part of it. This is the call of the times, Here and there - Kafi Azmi. Despair is the breeding ground for any form of revolution; it makes one do the unthinkable, film the unimaginable and write knowing that this may be one’s last sentence. Nicolas De Stael leaped into the void; MS Sathyu filmed Garam Hawa and Jack Kerouac fired with On the Road…and Indian Auteur is a child of one such despair. In a country that is in a state of transition; where the struggle to live each day is a task; that history or critical thinking cease to exist for most; hence, our relation with our very own roots is slowly and steadily disappearing. Film Archives are selling films as scraps, auteurs works are facing extinction and cinema in the nation begins with the birth of Bollywood in 80s Read More

The Delhi Manifesto

................. The seeds of Indian Auteur were sown with the initiation of "The Delhi Manifesto" and nine months down the line we are working towards the same goals. So before we come online again. Our Manifesto . Relaunched ................... * Our cinema screen has become an ill-constructed, and conventional portal to a world we aspire of, rather than a mirror, which reflects us. * Our emotions are guided by leitmotifs placed deftly, and religious beliefs exploited. * Our spirit of inquiry has become dead and we have been reduced to mere receivers in the process. * Cinema and television has replaced interaction with imposition of thought. Its thought. An artificial, fake and ill-created thought, a manifestation of our needs to escape ourselves. * The medium has become a symbol of cheap entertainment, devoid of any examination of the form, and a victim of our collective need to create personalities, perfect alternate universes, and images of o