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Satoshi Kon- (1963-2010)

When dreams and reality coincide, the concoction can be deliciously smooth and fantastic, literally. Satoshi Kon’s anime mostly allude to that concoction – the merging of the real and the fantasy, the thoughts and the illusions blurring lines between. But these are not the only pegs to his storytelling. Kon’s creation are an amazing introduction to the world where line blurs, the definition concedes a conundrum, giving way to a chaos of simplicity. Like the name, Studio Madhouse, that has produced all his films till date, Kon’s films delve into a realm that tries to reflect the utter madness that our imagination can infuse into any ordinary circumstance. Portions of his films feel like captured memories, the heightened ones of course. Manga –artist turned anime director, Satoshi Kon’s oeuvre, over the last two decades, garnered him the name “auteur anime director”. His films have been known for defying the conventional genre and their exquisite, fantastic choice of subje

Anime Cine Experience, New Delhi

Cine Darbaar, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan, Directorate of Film Festivals, Japan Foundation, is organizing a 3-day Animation film festival at Siri Fort auditorium II on the 20 th , 21 st & 22 nd August, 2010. It’s the first time that a festival will be celebrating Japanese-Anime, Manga (Comics) and Pop-culture in India. Anime Cine Experience will be bringing the great anime works of Japan with films like The Girl who leapt through time, Grave of the fireflies, 5cm per second, Voices of Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days . In its inaugural edition the festival will showcase Japanese comics, anime serial, short film competitions, pop-culture exhibitions. To give the audience a wider understanding of Anime, the festival will have workshops and special discussions will be conducted by one of the emerging game designers in India, Mr. Shubham Mauria, on the topic of The Relation of Anime and Its Avatars in Popular Culture in Relation to Jap