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Delhi is talking world cinema, thanks to film clubs

The action on Indian Auteur might be a little less these days but we slowly sorting out all the mess to get things back in order. From the content to design. But our offline efforts with IA sister body Cinedarbaar is being noticed. Here is a major news wire(IANS) service story on film clubs in Delhi. Cinedarbaar is actively involved in the space for film programming, interaction, discussion and championship of auteur studies. It has been involved in programming and otherwise in over 15 festivals, 10 film workshops, 5 major Film Interaction Programme( National Film Awards, Indian Panorama etc), Summer Film Camp for Children and Cinephile Meetings in the last one and a half year of its existence. Delhi is talking world cinema, thanks to film clubs By Mohita Nagpal New Delhi, Aug 16 (IANS) No longer are “Breathless”, “Rashomon” and “Amores Perros” the preserve of the well-heeled at Delhi’s arty evenings. Critically acclaimed international films like these have struck a chor