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Those who view the storm from afar.

…see no difference between

Here and there

To join in and to become a part of it.

This is the call of the times,

Here and there

- Kafi Azmi.

Despair is the breeding ground for any form of revolution; it makes one do the unthinkable, film the unimaginable and write knowing that this may be one’s last sentence. Nicolas De Stael leaped into the void; MS Sathyu filmed Garam Hawa and Jack Kerouac fired with On the Road…and Indian Auteur is a child of one such despair.

In a country that is in a state of transition; where the struggle to live each day is a task; that history or critical thinking cease to exist for most; hence, our relation with our very own roots is slowly and steadily disappearing. Film Archives are selling films as scraps, auteurs works are facing extinction and cinema in the nation begins with the birth of Bollywood in 80sRead More


This is great. Congrats IA design team!
nitesh said…
Thanks srikanth, now lets see where things shape up to. Our forum is online too, lets see how it shapes up.

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