Indian Auteur- Issue no-4 June 14th- July 14th

Editorial- Issue No-4

In an interview with Jacques Rivette, the great French auteur Jean Renoir remarked that technical advancement is not the way forward but step backward towards ugliness. Something that we witness every Friday with our weekly release of mainstream films, no matter how far our directors go with their new gizmos they still lack the touch to create magic on screen- like a Guru Dutt close-up- or a Vijay Anand dynamic camera movement. This absence is evident across our mainstream industry in India. And even our regional cinema is decaying and adopting the nomenclature of Bollywood. Read More

Issue No-4



HarryTuttle said…
I love the poster! Very nice job.
nitesh said…
Thanks for the comment and words of appreciation Harry and JAFB.

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