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Thank you everyone, who have signed the manifesto, and those who like to sign please do so by clicking the link above.


Jagriti said…
Best of luck guys, and was curious about film club/ cinephile meeting/? is it gonna happen online or meeting will happen in different plces and share ideas, theme, movies and discusison. Whateve be the case this is exciting.
supriasuri said…
Hi jagriti,

The film club is hopefully launching next month, before that we also plan to organize a short film screenings on Iranian films....
The updates will be soon be written on our upcoming website.

The discussions on movies will be held at the website as well during these film screenings, since that is our main objective.
nitesh said…
thanks for the comment Jagriti,
The cinephile meeting will be held in different parts of India and across(provided)we find volunteers to talk about the objectives, films, and other things we've planned for this meetings each month.

It will be a fun, interactive kinda session. We already have a number of volunteers in various cities here.

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