Crimsonland- Classic ' Indie' Shooter

Gravito " A" Shrut

Crimsonland is a pure stress buster, with no story and no plot whatsoever.You play as a lone renegade soldier going solo against hordes of Aliens, Zombies, Lizards and Spiders.

The game plays in a fluid 2D shoot-em-up scroller like fashion, showing sign of masterpiece Radiant Silvergun. Your basic aim is to shoot anything that moves. You control your character by standard ' Keyboard Control' and shoot by aiming using the mouse. The gameplay is fast, frantic and, keeps, you at the edge of you'r of the seats,especially in higher difficulty and that makes this game superb.


There are a total of 25 weapons in the game which are more than enough to start a World War 3. The common Assault Rifles, Sub Machine guns, Rocket Launchers,IonCannons,Jackhammer,Plasma Shotguns and my favorite:- Gauss Shotgun.The trail of blood it leaves is simply perfect!!

Along with drop bonuses which assists you as you go trigger happy.There are many bonuses like Reflex Boast which slows down Time,Fire Bullets(a real havoc),Shields,Freeze. Beside you can combine bonuses to wreak ultimate destruction.For example: Combine Freeze With Shock or Jack Hammer with Fire Bullets and you will know the true meaning of killing.

There are four modes of gameplay in Crimsonland, first one is a 50 level Quest mode which gets tougher to insaner as you progress.Although it is mandatory to complete Quest mode as weapons and bonuses and perks are unlocked as you progress. Then there is Survival mode which i personally feel is the most addictive mode:

'As the name suggests you have to survive against monsters with the help of weapons and perks and bonuses.I spent hours trying to beat my own high score and reach the 1million mark( which is very very tough to achieve).There is also 'Rush mode' where you face rush of fast moving aliens armed only with 'Assault Rifle' without 'Bonuses and Perks', this is also real addictive considering you can get killed in 30seconds flat(my survival score stands at 46 seconds.)

Crimsonland is filled with gore and monsters, which can give any modern-day-fps run for its money. Monster detail is well done, but chances are that you will not notice the details due to the frantic gameplay. At the same time you don't need a beast of a machine to play this classic game.

The entire soundtrack is of Heavy Metal which again is soothing considering the gore this game has.The music randomly changes and all of them just pump up the adrenaline .The Sound effects of every gun is well done (you can feel as if you are in War) and every grunt, snarl is well done.

Crimsonland is one polished, stress busting, action game which deserves every gamers attention.Only few games can capture the fun and the addictiveness of Crimsonland.With a brilliant(and simple) gameplay,lots of weapons and bloods...this one promises what gamers always want- FUN and Immersion! And this game lives up to every bit of time you spend playing this. Do us a favor, download the game, and go all out shooting. Happy Hunting!


Developer- 10tons Entertainment
Publisher- Reflexive Entertainment
Release date 2003
Genre(s) Top-down shooter, Run and Gun

Crimsonland is part of our coverage on Classic Games.

Comments game i can play anytime :d...infact all classic games are best!!!!
nitesh said…
I think Publisher should re-release some of the classic titles, and at least in India each time I go to purchase some game I'm hoping that I get some good old classic titles, unfortunately all we get is the latest graphic whore titles. Yeah, though once a while, the exception title does roll in.

But at the bottom of my heart, I'm still that old-school-gamer, and video game critic, who is looking for that amazing game, which comprises with some crazy gameplay mechanics and not solely depend on the power of graphics to entice us.

Thanks for sharing this Classic indie aayush will be downloading and giving classic shooter a visit.

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