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It took us 100 years to win two Oscars. Nevertheless its better to be late than never! We are finally proud of the Oscar kudos being brought back home by our AR Rahman, Gulzar and Mr. Pookutty.

And, Yes! Yipee! Hurrah! Champagne, anyone? No one? This is a historic moment. This is history being written as you read. This is us, contained as footnotes in a grander scheme of things. Today is a day to be remembered. This is a day of pride for all of us Indians. After all, a British film took the Oscars home.

By an old industry rule, Slumdog Millionaire, is a British film, written and directed by Britishers, and funded by British/American companies. So as much as we hope and like to say that it is our film, it is not. You should all be ashamed, all you dirty slimy news channels (and others, with similar adjectives prefixed), and spreading false pride by claiming that it is a great achievement for Bollywood. Want to know about the great achievements of Bollywood? Look up the Filmfare nominations.

IndianAuteur.com, a completely non-elitist and entirely non- mainstream site, celebrates the win of the three Indians, and hopes that all our filmmakers could stop lamenting about all things like: distribution, poverty-porn, realism, logic, and start making good competent films. Also, that our filmmaker who do make good films, are helped by proving wide-scale championing and correct distribution chains, to extend our contention focus beyond the incompetent Bollywood, which is so self-sufficient, that it believes that it is a global force now.

More on Slumdog our piece on Cinema Without Borders.


Deepak Kumar said…
Lets pride on the three Indians, not the movie! Totally agree with you brother.
nitesh said…
@ Deepak

Completely agree with you we should be proud of them. And also fight for the fact that we " Indians" should stand up and make even entertaining films like Slumdog, and not wait for another Danny Boyle to come down and make a film and win Oscars.

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