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Pulp Fiction.

Anuj writes... On the verge of Oscars, a perspective to the perspective which questions Slumdog Millionaire, as being a derogatory prostitution to the West, of the realities which no one apart from us has a right to show (and see).

In the Slumdog debate, most of us, are the policemen. The cynics. We are the ones who cannot believe that a poor chaiwallah(tea seller) can win so much. It’s we who thus fault the film on what we assume is its incoherence with logic. The problem lies with us. Not the film. Read More

More on Slumdog: Cinephile Meeting: Patna
: Of Slumdog

Lookout for Delhi 6 review tomorrow.

And...Slumdog Millionaire is not an Indian film.

Film Education

Anya, writes on , " The Concept of Dizga Vertov's Kino Eye" and link.

After the 1917 revolution in Russia, cinema became the most important art, because it was considered to be the most “modern” and objective form of art and free from bourgeois influence. Besides that cinema became the main tool of agitation/propaganda/education, because the majority of the country was illiterate. Several propaganda projects such as Agit-train, Kino-pravda and Kino-eye appeared at those times.

One of the leading directors was Dziga Vertov with his cine-journal Kino-eye (KINO-GLAZ). It was not only series of documentary films but the concept which Vertov applied to all his works.
Read More

Cinephile Meeting: Last Call Listing

" The meetings are open to all, and are conducted purely for the love of cinema"

Topics: The Manifesto, State of Indian Cinema, Slumdog Millionaire

Idea: To share joys of cinema, learn about the medium, interact and build a team to foster criticism, production and exhibition of films.

All participation meeting will be published in the journal and further interaction will proceed on the site. For participation and details on venue and timing in any of the following city or if you want to organize on in your city.

Please email:


Completed: Bloomington US, Mumbai, Digobi, Patna.

Cinephile Meeting: Patna- Report


Feb 19th- Dharwad, Karnataka.

Venue:- UAS, Dharwad Campus

Time: 5pm

Representative- Jagriti.

Feb 22nd- New Delhi

Venue- Cafe Turtle, Khan Market

Time: 4pm

Representative: Nitesh, Supria, Anuj


Feb 28- Pune

Venue- FTII

Time- 4pm

Representative:- Idranil Kashyap

Contacat: indranil[a]indianauteur[.]com

Feb 28th - Hyderabad

Venue: TBA

Time: TBA

Representatives: Shubhank Mauria/ Himanshu Rai

Contact: shubhank[a]gmail[.]com

Feb 28- Gwalior

Venue: 46, Shri Ram Colony
Behind Ram Bagh Market.
Near A.G. Office
Gwalior, 474009

Time: 11am-3pm

Representative: SurajPrasad

FEB- Kolkata

Venue- TBA

Time- TBA

Representative- Soumya Suvra Das

FEB- Muzzafarpur, Chakia, Bihar

Venue- TBA

Time- TBA

Representative - Atul Kumar

Feb- Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu

Venue- Annamalai Nagar

Time- TBA

Representative- Nitish Acharaya.

* Dates, venues and timings are subject to change
* Please keep checking the blog for further updates.


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