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It’s been two weeks since the launch of our website. Our first issue was a basic introduction to different aspects of cinema in India. And we are routinely aiming to help or reach out to people who are not typically cinephile to inform about the diversity of cinema in India beyond Bollywood. Thank you everyone, those who are continually supporting us and giving us their valuable feedback. We encourage discussion and discovery and look forward to feedback on how to improve.

We’ve decided to make our e-zine monthly, as this will give us time to think, write and reflect on issues on Indian and World Cinema of past and present. While the site will continue featuring latest Indian film reviews, Cinephile Meeting updates and articles on film education.

One of the main issues that has come to our notice in the last couple of weeks is that people accuse us of not liking or “criticizing” Bollywood film too much. But…Folks, that’s what we are working here for and planning to grow towards equipping ourselves better and helping foster co-operative for the first network of, film criticism in India. However, if you do feel some of reviews are biased, please offer a critique on critique that we would lovingly publish or talk about.

Just to clear the cloud of doubt regarding all this. There is a director we all in the ‘Auteur team’ love- Sriram Raghavan. Do look out for an issue on his films in the forthcoming months. But before that here is a sneak peak article on his last movie Johnny Gaddar.

In this article, Srikanth views different forms of cinematic influences, plagiarism and homage that exist within Indian fraternity through the film. And it will definitely help you see things better why recent movies like DEV with its baggage of influence still falls short of this wonderful film- Johnny Gaddaar. A film we love and a film about love…of cinema.

Last but not the least the blog will soon start with exploration and linking of articles. Till then this is our only avenue of promotion.

1) Cinephile Meeting reports
2) Film Festival/Contest
3) March 12th – Our second issue dedicated to Ritwik Ghatak.

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