BREAKING NEWS- The Horrors of Indian Television

A recent burlesque advertisement on the state of various new channels in India, had a lot of truth embedded beneath those caricatures, and spoke volume about the pretence nature of these news channels. The advertisement was a premonition for the new upcoming channel. After all, sooner or later, they too would join the same race of presenting us ‘Breaking News’ which hardly moves beyond stars, politicians and interests which does not even speak one truth beyond the superficiality decoy of happiness or truth which these channels represent.

The state of Indian Television stinks. Everything given to the masses is a repetition of events, messages, gestures, sounds, emotions and stories. Not that there is nothing new to explore, or something interesting to talk about, but the fact is, that no one is interested in reporting or programming anything which speaks the truth. Somewhere in the glitz and glamour of, 'Post 90's India', the real India seemed to be buried deep beneath the trenches. Even when Doordarshan had a monopoly before the, 'Satellite Boom', the programming, content and style had a nature of showing or highlighting something important, and at the same time entertained the masses: irrespective of caste, culture or creed- in manners and issues that had something to do with our day to day lives. This does not mean it did not have it's flaws, it did, but not in the same nature of how things are in the present. Today there is an explosion of images. And like the advertisement, they all speak the same thing, day in day out; if you jump from one news channel or prime time television to the next, they all appear just the same.

Even today when you browse through channels and come across ‘Lok Sabha TV or Doordarshan’, a certain amount of honesty can be seen in them. The Lok Sabha TV every Sunday programmes movies from Pan-India, ranging across various languages. And at the same time people of diversity are interviewed and matters critically judged. Such things are unheard on mainstream television.

Even with the mainstream plethora of channels, there isn’t a single news channel which can be held in high regards. Unlike Print Journalism where we have news papers like the Hindu and magazines like Thelka which irrespective of everything take a stand against the mainstream cluttering and prostitution of text- which is a world and art in itself; a vein of sound and image, that brings out and highlight events which are neglected by the mainstream channels. The basic coverage of the so called 'Breaking News' also hold more ground in a 200-250 words report, then 2-3 hours of special news coverage. This is a mere testament to showcase the hollowness of our television coverage. Our news channel like our prime time television, are more concerned about their TRP ratings then what they are reporting. The stories are usually decided on it's mass appeal, along with the manic inclusion of poll by sms on everything- From Sharukh underwear to Katrina lingerie.

Breaking News has become synonymous with, 'Indian News Panorama' that the word has lost all it’s value and meaning. Every time you switch on the television and stop at any moment - They have breaking news. It does not matter what's the value of content they are reporting, all that matters is to classify all news as: Breaking. Following a principle like the wholesalers to attract costumers by having huge billboard screaming on top of their lungs regarding the, ' Discount Rates', the value and usage of ' Breaking News' echoes similar properties.

Every thing and anything fits into this category of mainstream coverage. MS Dhoni riding on his motorbike- Breaking News, Deepika Padukone new boyfriend- Breaking News. The quality and level of, 'News Reporting' go ways below this, in manners which needs to be seen to believe. The qualities of, ‘Hindi News Channel’ stink and go below the parameters of qualifying as worthy. India TV leads the pack as the worst news channel on Indian Television. The only saving grace in these deep-shit-black-waters is the few noteworthy news channels such as CNN IBM and NDTV(English coverage)who from time to time have content, coverage, criticism and programme which raises the bar and brings in certain objectivity to what we are pigeonholed and feed. Though even matters of so called national importance and coverage are sidelined for, 'Popular Topics' and real men, problems, issue are all packed into one broad category and made bench-warmers. Such news never reach the mainstream press, even if some of them do, then, it’s packed by our channel as another;’ Great Indian Soap-Opera'. More than finding out the root cause behind the event. They will be focusing on live animation, music, creating hysteria and to a large extent promoting xenophobia.

News Anchors and Reporters today have become celebrity in their own rights, and are more conscious about promoting their own self-image then the news they are covering. Some of them have come from credible background and have worked hard to reach were they are now. But the sweet smell of success has poisoned this very lot of people. Instead of nurturing and establishing a foundation of, 'Objective Press Coverage', they are busier attending socialite Art events and useless round-table debates. It’s not wrong to enjoy what you have, but it’s definitely against the notion of leaving the grounds from where you have come up.

A common argument like every other field in India comes across even from here: “We give what they audience wants”, most professional from the field say. And this is one of the most illogical form of argument and stand any channel can take, and the people who stand their defending such notion are not even fit to be said anything which the lexicon has to offer. Since, the news channel duty is not to cater to what we want, but to carve a world around us, which would help us understand our society better, and at the same time the country where we live. A recent example of Bihari's who were beaten in Mumbai, the Media were more concerned about what the stars had to say, then trying to understand the root cause of the so called problem. Most matters usually crystalline into another dose of Bollywood, as if we dint have enough of the same-old-tales.

Our news channels are filled with two important passions of India- Cricket and Bollywood. And everyone in the Media seems to be obsessed by the lives of cricketers and filmstars; though only to the extent of their new love affairs and tattos. The brains behind our News source have even put British and American tabloid to shame. Instead of critically judging them, they shift focus and judgment on wins, losses, flops and hits. The sad fact is that we don’t have enough people with balls to critically and fairly judge and condemn bad films or judge proper performance. Most news channel are filled with cricket pundit whose level of cricket may range from Ranji to International but their value of judgment seems naïve when you see that in the same frontier we have people as eminent as Ravi Shastri or Sunil Gavaskar. When it comes down to Cinema the scale dips even more. Just like cricket(where everyone seems to have an opinion) films is another passion where the mainstream coverage is more about what the actresses and actor wore, then the way they are acting. In India, there is no proper forum to critically judge films. And to foster a discussion that would help separate a good film from a bad. This is a very sad fact in a country where Cinema is as old as the medium itself. The fact that any one can judge films and their critical judgment be taken seriously; is an extremely disheartening factor- since the truth never surfaces. Most people are great television hosts but extremely naive critics.

Today, the news presented on television are not reportage any more, instead it’s a mirror to all the Ekta Kapoor soap opera from prime- time- television with all the chutzpah dully packed: Loud music, ludicrous editing, and promotion of morale and values wrapped around polygamy and upper crust refined tales. The sting operation is also a staple diet of most news channel and a favorite arsenal of India TV- almost all their coverage revolve around, 'Sting Operation' which are voyeuristic manic wet dream come true. Since the operation are packaged as a show stellar; to capture the hearts and mind through the magic TRP rating. Another sad fact which may shock most people is that our, ' News Channels' suffer from an acute stature of amnesia. An important issue is forgotten tomorrow, but topics such as Deepika Padukone (much ado about nothing) new love life and Sreesnath tattoos are a rage and can go on and on for weeks.

This may sound strange, that irrespective of explosion of channels, there is hardly any quality content produced here in India. There are efforts being made on frontiers, but these efforts are either too tiny or marginalized. People are given choices but most choice end in deep shit. Even to understand India one has to refer to publication, channels and reports outside the mainstream news press here in India. Our Producers are busy understanding Saif Ali Khan’s tattoo and not trying to cover stories of people like Binyak Sen. People who matter, stories that matter, and the issues which matters are somewhat lost in this black hole created by these channels.

When moving to prime time television the soaps are filled with corrupt morale and ideology. Most soap opera resembles each other. And our films too are reflecting the way television serials are made- erratic zooms, over-blown-hyped-music, the characteristic editing, and not melodrama but extreme melodrama. At the same time, they do and act like dictators. Doing whatever in their will to change stories, and keep rehashing them again and again. Hats off to Actors or people who go against such scripts or serials. It’s really funny to see, that in a country which had serials like Buniyaad, Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne, Shanti, Hasrattein, Karamchand, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Hip-Hip Hurray, Bangei Apni Baat and many other remarkable works has come down to Ekta Kapoor’s tales spin of urban sash –bhau- drama or a story about a village girl in love with a rich guy and later which would again fall in the same category of themes such as:

1) Re-Birth

2) Color of skin, a racist shit in the most extreme vein

3) Polygamy – marriage is not an institution, infidelity is in vogue

4) Crorepati dealing

5) The Vamp

6) The Lovers Cross, double cross, triple and what not cross triangle

7) Well…it gets more scary and bizarre then those things mentioned

8) It sucks.

Even if a serial starts with a certain flow they soon catch on the same veins or the core theme formulated by moderator Ekta Kapoor. It’s almost like prime time television in India is cursed to be so for years to come. Until some important antidote comes our way, we will continue being tortured with this current crop of Ekta Kapoor masala.

The choices for most people who want to watch something good on television are fairly limited. People spend time downloading television shows from US or they spend time watching worthwhile Documentaries, Biographies on Discovery, History or NGC. At least we have a good pool for watching English film and Hindi films. Though the choice of Hindi films is fairly limited to Bollywood, but the choice of English films has become broader, due to the efforts by people at Zee Studio, UTV and Sony PIX. Even Star Movies and HBO once a while show films, documentaries, sitcoms beyond the parametric boundaries.

Two important poles and market exist- Kids and woman. Rest everyone is like branched out in one category. I don’t understand why cant their exist something for this huge pool of people(18-30) who are interested in watching something interesting, worthwhile for their time and money spent. There exists other form of distraction – movies, video games, etc. But watching television forms an internal core of our day to day lives for most people. And this a huge market for interesting and worthwhile sitcoms and shows which could be made and targeted for this core of people who swear by their Lost, Heroes, South Park, Prison Break, The 70s show and stuff. This whole market segment is stagnating here in India today. People who are interested in watching, enjoying and exploring something fresh are not even getting a chance.

It’s strange how angst against the nature and methodology of working in our Television Industry is largely ignored by most people. Even those who regularly watch news or sitcoms do complain about the stink in its programming, but are not ready to voice in opinion unless a backbone is piled up by others- and waiting for the day when a savior comes and screams for a change, so they can voice their support and follow suit.


Deepak Kumar said…
I totally agree with you on this dude. I dont exactly remember when I stopped watching hindi channels but it has been a long time. It must've happened when I acquired my conscience. The biggest crap is "INDIA TV" without a doubt. Its like some monkeys got to know how to make red circles on the screen and found some chris angel videos on youtube after their 2million hits to show. Then they say "now we'll show how he did that" and after a whole day of advertisement, when they finally show it, its NOT of any significance. Not for a channel named "INDIA TV". For the sake of pride of our nation's name this goddamn excuse for a channel should be banned/stopped.

I dont want to start talking about those hindi serials and stuff, they are regurgitating, illogical overdramatic with script a 5th grader can come up with.
supriasuri said…
The breaking news has become like a drop in the ocean.The headline of Dhoni's new hairstyle and the headline of an earthquake come under same subheading THE BREAKING NEWS.After all it is quite a "gruelling task" to categorize things under breaking news now. I also wish sometimes,if we, the viewers were given chance to think about the cases than the verdict being forced upon.

All the new tv serials start off with promsing freshness but end up being a dead ringer to the prevailing. Moving away a bit I think sometimes why are the T.V. serials ruled by women and films by men. Anyways looking at the positive aspect, the advent of the so called Ekta kapoor serials, our Indian T.V. channels came up with the awards providing each one a stronger motif to work. Another things is the whole quality, look , feel, sets and the technical aspect were brought a step forward.

The fact is that poeple are not risk taking at all in India and work upon the same tried formula and then they talk about giving the audience what they want. Today why is that Abhishek Bacchan weds Aishwarya Rai has become a greater news than an injustice being happening with girl in a village? Ofcourse two big stars marrying each other is a matter of great concern to our nation, they need intensive coverage than a rape case.

I sometimes wish with the advantage of being accesible 24/7, we could get some great documentaries or better shows than filling it up with those futile shows and overly sensationilizing them. I wish quality overtakes quantity atleast in the news channels. I am sure everyone of us wants news as mere news and not a dramatic news story.
News is infact not existing anymore.They all are craps,things which are destroying our nation internally.And yea sometimes news channel do show some old village people's problem or a woman losing her husband but they are rather more concerned with "detailing their problem" rather than doing something about.And they do it to such a extent that it makes my head sick.Many of us might remember that "Prince falling in a Well" incident.....and boy the news...*shivers*.But we can't deny that this so called "media" has great powers and what pisses me off is that they exploit their powers to just churn and churn and churn their way through.....and in the shameless act of getting "TRPs" god know what they have shown to public.(I STILL HATE INDIA TV)
Moving on to Serials,i want to invent Time Machine and go back in time.Seriously all the serials sound same to me,with no innovation at all.Where has these serials taken our country into....we download serials from US and UK but we never ever hear US and UK citizens downloading our Serials :(....all serials just literally makes me to go inside the TV and blow the hell up.AND FUCK THEY ALL FOLLOW THE SAME CONCEPT...WTF WITH ROTATING CAMERAS...FUCKING WEIRDO SOUNDS...FUCKING LAME ASS CRYING...FUCKING SAME OLD STORIES WHICH DRAG ON AND ON...FUCK...(err sorry Nitesh bhai...some anger goes around :p).
So what's the solution?We lack talents?NO.We Lack ideas?NO.We Lack Courage and the guys?HELL YEA.Someone must take a bold stride,with no concern over TRPs,just do something different in a right way and people WILL notice.
pps:And we not even talked about "Reality" shows,yea those shows which make u one night stand celebs,which makes telecom industries richer,which waste more of our time and money,and which all are same and showing people dancing/singing/laughing/joking/
eating/and what not in high details,call about the lowness of Reality shows :((.And what pisses me off again is that MORE AND MORE OF THESE FUCKING SHITS ARE COMING IN THEIR WAY....*takes a bazooka and heads towards Mumbai*
Anonymous said…
The news channels are fucking retarded.
If not the ridiculous *breaking news* they have bullshit filtering through their propaganda.
some fucking 7 yr old kid got stuck in a well...lets cover it for 72 straight hours.
Hell, I'll trap myself in the elevator shaft and call Aaj Tak...and the morons will cover tht as well...and even bigger morons will watch that.

And the serialized dramas; I was cribbing on some random forum how CBS canceled this show called 'Jericho' and earlier NBC axed 'Journeyman' ... I came back and we have Roadies going on here.
Its fucking idiotic.

"You must use atleast 3 profanities in every sentence"

"Fuck ... teri maa ki ... behen ki ..." -- "ho gaya ... now you are a fucking roadie ... and dont worry about anything else .... we have a few other dumbfucks on the show ... just act tough ... because being a roadie you are supposed to do that"

What the fuck?
Why am I talking about Roadies? Because its not a reality show, its a fucking soap opera ...

Feed people shit and they will get used to it.
nitesh said…
Thanks for the comment Deepak, Supriya, Aayush, Shubhank. You people have really highlighted some interesting points which adds to list of the woes which comes packaged along with our channels.
Unknown said…
I completely agree with what has been said about the state of our media,but there are few things which we need to consider.
first of all, for many this kind of reporting/presentation/content is very titillating.these media houses are earning a lot of revenues.again the same age old arguement [although a pathetic one] - Television & Cinema = Entertainment (lowest common denominator). escape from day to day realities...
history has taught us that commercially successful television & Films, have been those which usually caters to lowest common denominator. lets take an example - we all criticise pornography, [for most, it is merely in fashion to criticise and if one disects it further their hypocrisy is exposed]
EG; - person A is sitting with his/her family... - he/she would say - "ohh pornography is bad/awful,it is merely meant for male-gaze [commodification of women],the same person sitting with his/her friends - the response is very different - Duality and Inconsistency are the defining impediments here.very few have time & discretion to disect this.
I am not saying that whatever is going around is acceptable,but if we want change,it has to come from within.
Perception & expectation are inter-related - they both have greater role in defining what we see and how we see or interpret... eg; "if one feels that media is there only to titillate/entertain, then he/she will endorse that kind of media" .....

PS. - the picture that you have selected for this article has a uncanny resemblance to a Queer, featured in Jack Smith's Flaming creatures...
nitesh said…
Thanks for the interesting follow up Satyam. Interesting I was talking to a friend
about how Pornography does not hold the same importance or rather the “ Titillating”, hedonistic factor it once had, and perhaps, somewhere I need to wind back to watching, Misty Beethoven or Deep throat- to learn that the precursor or cut, moan, cut moan, close up which once had theatrical releases, and was not confined to our Bedrooms and Computer screens. I know the sheer hypocrisy you talk about, one can experience it every single day of his life- as if you’re most important and evil pleasures are just meant to be hidden in your box- the moment you talk about it- it transcends the boundaries and is deemed art or social hitherto complicated for most people here. Cinema/Television has become more a tool for escapism for the people behind it to formulate- lies, garner wealth (its wrong to be rich, but its painful to deceive), and somewhat move away from the life.

A friend of mine the other day said, when he was riding back home from his office, he saw this young boy, licking away a Billboard on the road, as it had a picture of a food item. Cinema escapes here escapes away from such things- formulating its defense in promotion of the desire of the audience, and to turn a blind eye, and if, Television reports such incident. It creates another spectacle, the spectacle of mass-voyeurism. And yeah hedonistic wealth generation: SMS, Polls, debates- which are good for nothing.

The truth is well put as u said: from within has to come from our very own lot of people.- to appreciate the act of watching and learning- one must move away from the façade that, “ Cinema and Television” are just made for 12 year old kids.

PS: the picture is from one Ramsey Brothers films. The good old Ramsay brothers.
a lot has been said about the various channels we have on the tv these days, but let's not forget what's really responsible for all this shit on air. it's us. yes, in the end, it's always about the people. those shows we see are shown because people here want to see them. no one is being forced to watch anything. thing is, the channels are flourishing with all the crap because we have people who actually care enough to watch all this junk.

friends, romans, countrymen. in the end, we've got to blame ourselves for actually not voicing against everything that's shown. in the first place, our mentality is to held responsible. out of a country with such a huge population, there's a big big percentage who like what only 8-9 people in this post hate.

for example, lets just consider the case of the wrestler Khali from WWE. Zee News, Star News, Aaj Tak etc etc are all covering the whole deal with how he is supposed to win matches, what he should eat, how he should exercise and stuff. they even got a story covered on some people worshipping him so that he wins. now, what proper minded creature doesnt know that wwe is all kayfabe. it's a man's version of soap opera, where everything is pre-planned. so what's the use of all the dramatic news? you ask are the news channels THAT dumb that they dont know wrestling is fake? no they aren't. but they aint taking the shit off air because it's feeding them trps, it's bringing them ad clients, it's bringing them gandhi in green. so they don't care. and they never will.

another thing is the cult worship thing we have in our country, be it those cricketers or our very own lame ass show-off bollywood. the funda works because people just love to see others live a life what they could just dream off. and this thinking has so got to change.

we've got polls and shit, again and again. if we people just stopped messaging back, we wouldn't have to see anything similar the next morning. but that's not the case. we need the masala, and that's the bottomline. things aren't going to change, no matter what. im just happy there's me and a bunch of other people who actually care enough to download their tv off networks like cbs, fox, cw, comedy central, abc and are satisfied with that. because indian tv like an outcome of a digestive disorder, and it'll remain so with all the unoriginal and bothering stuff on air for a long time to come.

nitesh said…
Thanks for your comment Suraj. I think most people tend to forget that revolution and change are not brought about the masses in particular, it’s the uncanny individual among the masses who has to branch out, form an ideology- formulate it further, and the shape and foundation for change or revolution start showing. The fact, that only few complain: by this account I mean, this few, could run in lakhs here in India. Our very own generation has a huge distaste for such things. And the comment on the blog has nothing to do with the amount of people who are against the state of our Television. This is the very reason I put up a point in the end of my post saying. ‘People complain the lack and distrust of our networks, but they are waiting for a backbone to further pile an opinion. We Indians are not known to be a risk-taking-crazy-nation. We like taking things at a very unusual pace- perhaps it has something to do with the way we are brought up or the culture milieu we grow up in.

The seeds should be laid down by our own generation, especially in the field of criticism- where we Indian lack severely- and it’s an important reason for the rise of mediocrity in our Cinema and Television networks.

Fidel Castro once said to writers, that the ways they can support the war, rather support them, is by talking about their struggle for freedom. Similarly it’s our fundamental duty to talk about the good and bad. And not just stand there being part of another, by -gone generation proclaiming and dreaming about a change in our very own system.
Xorkes said…
whoooops thats lengtheeeeeeeeeee... wow!! well written..
Anonymous said…
To Nitesh

I read your blogs and since the last controversy(if we can call it that), have resisted asking questions since you do tend to take offense at the slightest pretext of a challenge to your beliefs. Do avoid doing that please since we have had an interaction and quite enjoyed it. Thanks.

My question to you is based on a simple observation formed after reading your blogs.

Why do your posts tend towards describing rather than solving? You write well, run the race fast, and yet, almost always stop short of the finishing line? You write a a rather long essay on the issues that plague us, but fail to mention a solution? Why does awareness take precedence over a superior purpose of all awareness - action? In my humble opinion, this reduces your informed posts to angry rants than action proposals? I mean, we know these problems exist in television,so the awareness stage has already reached a completion stage(in the context of people who possess the tools to bring about a change and them being aware). Or do I miss your point. Are you complaining about the banalities of Indian TV or about people who are aware of the banalities of Indian TV and yet quiet? The latter though, does not seem to be true.
I am rather apologetic if you do not appreciate my response. Do not care to respond if you feel trespassed.

"I don’t understand why cant their exist something for this huge pool of people(18-30) who are interested in watching something interesting, worthwhile for their time and money spent."
Exactly. No one understands 'why'. Everyone knows 'what' though.

Anuj Malhotra
nitesh said…
@ Anuj… thanks for u comment. I appreciate your response; the facts are well laid out. It’s true, I like addressing the issues, and lot of time within those issue – rather question which arises, a certain factor are addressed or talked about- here I’m not ready to voice and create a lab of solution- My idea and ideology has always been to pose, evoke, and within those question contemplate a certain parameters to bring out a change, rather then equivocating a thesis on changing the face of Television or Cinema. - And if u well see it as a. ‘ Rant’ it can be, as in the face of adversity all vocal points of questioning burn down into rants, similar to how Cubans or the current Maoist in India are ‘ranting’ for their own freedom. And if you see it as anger personified- well it’s true, definitely that too qualifies as one.

Beside, it’s neither my preoccupation nor my desire to lay down the plat of so called- Solution- since the question itself, seeks to answer and evoke, what most solution and foundation cant. Whether today as an online blogger or tomorrow as filmmaker. Since rising a voice is a first step in marching towards the gates of solution. As for, the fact, that most people are aware of the problems, it’s true, people have always been aware of everything. But they like sitting down and waiting for the Mahatma. Else India would have not been under the clutches of British for so long. I don’t mean to be savoir or the messiah to come and save the face or rather eradicate. I rather take the stride of a humble comrade who is willing to question, evoke, criticize, the function and diaphragm of the medium itself. Since revolution are started when the power of questioning arise. And it’s this particular power or method is what I believe in: one can take it as rant, foolishness, hollowness, superficial, anarchy, or anything. Cause since we don’t have enough people, “With Guts” under the belly to stand and raise a finger, talking about solution at the back of people, and behind closed doors is something which we Indian have been doing for years, and I, as a person, definitely don’t fall there
Anuj Malhotra said…
To Nitesh

Thanks for a well-informed and rather introspective response.

"I am not here I’m not ready to voice and create a lab of solution"
Thats a rather critical statement and I am sure you realise it. Because my its usage, you are all but absolving yourself of the actual participation of the process of change, however gradual and uphill a task that might be. Are you absolutely certain that that is infact, your objective?

"My idea and ideology has always been to pose, evoke, and within those question contemplate a certain parameters to bring out a change"
Among the various responses to your blog, do you sincerely believe your aforementioned aim has been accomplished? Has there been any contemplation whatsoever, or has there been even more complaints?

"similar to how Cubans or the current Maoist in India are ‘ranting’ for their own freedom. And if you see it as anger personified- well it’s true, definitely that too qualifies as one. "
No offense, but thats rather dismissive and I daresay, midly humiliating towards the Cubans or the Maoist efforts. Did they stop at empty rants? The Batista overthrowal and the victory of the 26th July movement was obviously an accomplishment of an organised Guirrela movement, wasn't it? So they actually made an effort. The Maoists as we know, extend their efforts beyond propaganda( I am NOT accusing your post of being one).

"Since revolution are started when the power of questioning arise."
Isn't it high time for the questioning to end, and the implementation to begin? With much fear, I am citing an example, since the exemplary is your favourite. What if JLG had stopped at Gazette and Cahiers? Would we have had all the cinematic reforms we proudly attribute to him now?

I guess I have made my point. I wish no further discussion since I am feeling guilty to have obstructed what honestly(honestly) seems to be a rather earnest and solemn effort. I wish you the best of luck. And I wish I could be as concerned as you are.

P.S - Nothing in this post should be considered rude. Text has a queer habit of presenting itself in a tone not originally intended. I am sorry if anything that I wrote exhibits this habit.
Anuj Malhotra said…
Because my its usage

My is 'by'. I am sorry. My typing is so bad. I think I should just say hi.
nitesh said…
The Batista overthrow and the victory of the 26th July movement was obviously an accomplishment of an organized Guerrilla movement, wasn't it? So they actually made an effort. The Maoists as we know, extend their efforts beyond propaganda (I am NOT accusing your post of being one).

The organized Guerilla movement lead by Fidel Castro and his comrades where organized truly for a progressive march to freedom, but under a certain dichotomy of leadership of people who had the guts to raise the voices from the very first. Remember the incident when Fidel Castro was tried in the court, and he proudly proclaimed, “History will resolve him, “and true it has. My point and say has been it’s the singular individual who acts a guiding force in mobilizing any efforts, and not the voices of masses. When the voices of masses are collectively put together they became a chain of mixed and confused state of mind. It’s a single individual in any field whatsoever has to single out to change, revolutionize the struggle. And break out the façade which large portion of the masses carry.

My single point has been, the efforts were made, but first the issue was raised, protests were carried- here we are not talking about solution. But waking people from their veil to join the league of mass-movement. I don’t know how much it will be successful here, but yes, the effort and the antiquity of raising a voice shall always be one of my first priorities, before start laying down the foundation for change. And the very effort of raising and questioning the legitimacy of someone is and act in itself of striving for a change.

That’s a rather critical statement and I am sure you realize it. Because my usage, you are all but absolving yourself of the actual participation of the process of change, however gradual and uphill a task that might be. Are you absolutely certain that that is infact, your objective?

The objecting of mobilizing a social change predominately is any single man’s dream. Every dream of an individual is to bring out a change in some form of the other, some choose themselves, and some choose society, while some like me are choosing their vocation.

Among the various responses to your blog, do you sincerely believe your aforementioned aim has been accomplished? Has there been any contemplation whatsoever, or has there been even more complaints?

Accomplished, no brother. The accomplished want happen over night; neither I’m thinking of a miracle to take place and nor I’m gonna run away from the struggle.
.I knows the whole formation and ideology will take time. And this is something I’m not running away from. Complains will keep arising, rather forming more around the issue raised. But the biggest single factor which every issue provides is the idea of contemplation, and true, a lot of time, whether on the blog or discussion. People have given a food for thought or heard to the cause. And even spoke at length about it. I mentioned on the blog, that we need a back bone to voice our opinion- to form a mass movement.

What if JLG had stopped at Gazette and Cahiers? Would we have had all the cinematic reforms we proudly attribute to him now?

JLG never separates criticism from filmmaking, he always spoke of writing criticism in the same manner he made his films: Essay in their form, and text or visual, rather filmic in their representation or connotation. The fact one of the major pre-occupation of JLG has been to propose hypothesis and raise question, or form polemic in his films and criticism, and he did that whether we wrote for the Arts, Cahier Du Cinema or made his films. And he continues doing so even today.

Thanks for your luck! Cheer!
Anonymous said…
1. I think ekta kapoor is one of the few originals- she nailed it with the sas-bahu and started this era and shes catering to her target audience (really well).
Its the ppl seeking 'new and fresh stuff' tht need to get off their asses.

2. Too true about news channels- ahh the evil of privatisation ;-)

3. The ppl targetting 18-30 will have a real task at hand given the awe associated in this grp with all tht comes from the west.


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