Pravda: The Burden of Dreams

My college life has almost come to an end. It actually ended long time back, but officially it would be over in a month or so from now. I wonder though, when will I clear my back papers. The reality of how difficult it’s to make my first feature film in India, and especially if the matter is social-black-comedy-provocative is dawning upon me. As I move from one place to the other in search for a Producer and spend hours writing to countless “State Funds” or prepare applying for them. The best part about trying to make a film is that it takes time and is energy consuming. Beside it brings you back to reality- the chance of being rejected in trying to make a good fillm is 99.99%.

Thousand dreams dies, thousand aspirations fails and only lucky few embark on a journey to make films. I have always been romanticized by the idea that a collective group of people who care for Cinema should come along to make films- Support where needed. And that ways, things really move in they own “Independent” pace and spirit. Perhaps such notions is still a dream for most of us all( though I have seen and meet lot of people who are looking for the same thing) but something or the other always goes missing and it does not click in most cases.

In the end, the journey continues to reach the silver screen - some may pass the test, some may fail. And in this journey the key to survival for most people,( who are trying to bring changes in their own methods and ways of Cinema) - is to stick together. Else it won’t be long before will be in the same league as our peers. And will be lamenting like they say, “We too had the same dream” to change and conquer the world.


Unknown said…
i beleve it would have been more appealing if it had been released with its original title - Chodha Akbar [**** Akbar],that is what it is........

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