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UTV World Movies is set to revolutionize movie viewing experience by giving us a chance to watch films from all nooks and corners of the world. Ever since it’s launch, I have spent a considerable amount of time getting cozy with the channel. The facts are that except for one or two non-repeated films in a week, the channels highlights are repeating the same films over and over again, hence beating Star Movies, Zee Studio and Sony Pix at the game. Though my two recent favorites has been Pen- Ek Invisible Waves starring Asano, and a A short film about love directed by the master Kieslowski, but for the first post I decided to go through a film which even though is screaming with clichés and a lot of rip-offs and cheap philosophy, I somewhat liked the films. I wonder whether I was stoned or something, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s like how Cahier Du Cinema had, Lady in the Water as their top film of the year, maybe somewhere in that vein I like this film.

It looks like the people at UTV love Spanish Cinema minus Carlos Saura and Pedro Almodovar. Oculto is directed by Antonio Hernández, the movie is about a Love Triangle, with dreams adding it to the thrilling and emotional effect. The Movie starts slowly, in a dream interpretation research center where three people (two women and one guy) meet by coincidence and have identical dreams. Dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history


The movie focuses on how dreams influence our lives and live functions as an arbitrary abstract incarnation of the dream. And of course there is a “Love Triangle” which is the main plot here. There are dozens of Dream Sharing blogs and portals, which clearly interpret dreams (for if that is what your hoping, this is wrong place sorry); there are none which truly shows you the true meaning of Dreams. The only textbook pure formation of the abstract nature of the dream was the seminal work of Sigmund Freud.

Let's try to make a parallel with Occult and Dreams we have. For one thing, Natalia was one lovable girl, whose dreams always had a meaning (Monolith with an image), which saved her life and which literally destroyed her life. But i never ever had a feeling that Dreams were destroying my life, I used to have nightmares about ghosts, but that was because I lived in officially haunted place (Jamalpur, India.google for Dark Banglow). Nevertheless it gets your brain working, whether can Dreams end one's life or make you insane? Another thing which I liked about this movie is how you can manipulate dreams for your advantage.Beatriz hated Natalia for she stole away her love (who committed suicide because of Natalia). She took her revenge using “Dreams” as a tool to navigate her anger and frustration.

While it is known that our day to day life and worries are showcased in dreams, manipulating it, for me thrills me. Also arises the theory of identical dreams, I have never heard of someone who has identical dream as mine, for that is very rare indeed, we can conclude that it happens to people who are deeply connected to each other. The ending of the movie is also with a dream, movie lends the effect of "Love is like a Dream, you can't borrow it”.

What we see often in the movie as "Lucid Dreaming" is what I dream and I think many people do. So what can we all further know about Dreams after this movie, which is that dreams are like those” ultraviolet" images, having significance which we don't see but are there waiting to be discovered. Dreams are the influence of our life we lived, the deeper memories we hid, and the worries we have. Sometimes Dream will warn us, sometimes dream will haunt us, but as long as humans sleep, Dreams will follow us. And with this note I retire to dreams and delving deeper into what does it means to us. And do watch the movie since UTV World Movies has the disease of repeating their films again and again it will at least be a better catch then the films on Star, Sony or even Zee Studio.

Star- *** Worth Watching only on World Movies.


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