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The good – Deepika Padukone on the big screen.

The Bad – Alright, I get it, they wanted to make a commercial movie. They have been masturbating over this fact during the previews and the commercials everywhere. But, god damn, there are better masala movies. The main problem in this movie is the fact that this is not a movie. Its a shameless, blatant, self publicizing advertisement for SRK. The guy is OLD, admit that. He looks absolutely ridiculous opposite Padukone. Secondly, the guy cannot do any comedy. The film simply ripped an IQ point from my head each time he acted funny and more than one IQ point when Arjun Rampal (the main antagonist) even tries to act.

So finally, why the fuck did I watch this movie? Because I got free tickets for platinum seats. A velvet couch where someone twice my size can sit comfortably. Plus, free snacks, popcorn and a cold drink. Heck, I would have gone for the Himesh movie for this deal.


The good –
2 jokes....maybe.

The bad – Everything else. The movie is a goddamn remake of DDLJ. Shahid Kapoor cannot fucking act. He made just two expressions throughout. One where he smiled and one where he made that annoying sad face which makes u feel like punching him in the nuts and head butting in his nose. Kareena Kapoor overacted in each bloody scene.

And now, how did I came across this crapfest? Some friend of mine tricked me into watching it by saying it is similar to Before Sunrise (which IMO is one of the best romantic flicks ever). Jesus zombie fucking Christ, this movie is not even worth pissing on


The Good –
3 Kahaniyaan

The Bad – 7 Kahaniyaan

Detailed review later.


Didn't get free tickets so didn't attempt to watch the movie.


The good – Angelina Jolie in 3-D. Some action scenes are pretty awesome.

The bad – Overall a very shallow film. Does not leave too much room for some characters. The climax falls flat and seems pointless.

The only 3-D movies I saw before Beowulf were the Kidd 15 mins one. It was a good change. And yes, I am an animation Junkie.


The good – The action sequences which are simply scintillating, the quick cuts make the thriller looks wonderful. Every action sequence flows like a damn poetry, just perfect. A must for every action movie junkie.

The bad – Possibly nothing, this may not be a piece of artful cinema but it entertains in every respect. Although if you are fan of the novels you might not enjoy the climax.

-Osiris 83 is currently on a pilgrimage to watch a new Mithun movie, he was last spotted in Ooty.


Aether said…
Great review! Although I must disagree with you on Beowulf. The movie is based on a pre-written epic poem, which has a flat ending anyway. There was hardly any scope for an innovative ending. But the movie sure was worth the time.

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