Munch- Taare Zameen Par


Taare Zameen Par

The good –
For some odd reason I want to watch this movie again. Taare Zameen Par is a gem of a movie carrying one of the most enthralling performances by a child actor. Not to forget the other actors as well. The kid actually takes the entire movie on his own till the interval which is when Aamir Khan makes his entry.As the directorial debut of Aamir Khan the movie definitely lives upto the expectations. Its emotional to the core and if you don’t like it you are probably a soul-less bastard.TZP makes its way to my list of ‘favourite bollywood movies of 2007′. FYI, the list includes ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Bheja Fry’.

The bad – I actually cannot nitpick anything (I just don’t want to) in the movie except that it could have used some more animation/claymation sequences which bring the kid’s delusions on
the screen.

The experience - I hate morning shows, especially on weekends. Also, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie because of the plethora of bollywood crap I witnessed recently. Around 10:30 AM show when I entered ‘Screen 4′ of the multiplex I could smell the fresh air glooming with a mixture of fragrances from shampoo and deodorants. Something you don’t get to smell during afternoon or other shows when the air is damped with the stinking cheese popcorn and morons who sweat like a whore in a church.
I had a coffee in one hand and popcorn in the other. I slowly made my way to the second row and abusing the friend who booked the tickets (second row, what the fuck?).
I missed the opening credits but again was not too late. As I watched this sweet flick, I could feel my mind diverting away from whatever was happening on the scene and pulling out threads from my past.


The good – Seth Rogen as an 18 year old. Try imagining it! The is movie is all about crude humor and features a surfeit of the ‘fuck’ word and some other profanities.
Some of the best sequences in Superbad surround the lead characters and their antics. For instance, Seth, the protagonist and his weird habit of drawing pictures of dicks as a kid. How the fuck does one come up with this stuff? Genius in the gene, truly.
One of the best high school comedies ever. A perfect movie to watch when you are with friends, and are thinking of getting plastered.

The bad – Again, nothing that I can pin point to. This is a light hearted fun movie and I hate to find faults in those.

The experience – Had a few beers (Kingfisher strong FTW!) and played this movie. The next 118 minutes and 39 seconds were godlike. Me? Drunketh, while this was running? No!

Knocked Up

The good –
Seth Rogen again. How can any movie involving this guy be bad?

The bad – Nothing again. God damn, I’m losing my mind here.

The Experience – Watched it the same day as Superbad. Although, I was fully sober by the time I started playing it.

Johnny Gaddar

The good –
Kickass screenplay. Vinay Pathak shines again. Neil Mukesh puts up a strong debut performance. [ETA - Goddamn, this just sounds like some lame newspaper headline]

The bad – Dharmendra speaking English dialogues. One of them goes something like this, “its not about age, its mileage”. WHAT THE FUCK?

The experience – Renting the DVD – 40 bucks, wafers and Snickers bar – 100 bucks, making fun of Dharam paaji’s angrezi, priceless.

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