The Sentinel


I woke up with mist in my eyes and milky walls all around. It was gone, everything; they were gone, everyone; empty shelves, everywhere. All I could see were white curtains, dangling like puppets, flowing with the breeze in an acquainted yet unfamiliar way.

I made my way out of the room, confused and began following the corridor which seemed endless.

The challis curtains across the corridors shielded my view and slapped across my face.

Unable to view what lied ahead I kept walking.

At last I could feel it. As I felt the wind, I knew the end is near. I walked even faster.

And there it was, an endless sea with a small island.

I swam across the endless sea, against the tide. At times my mind asked me let go but the sight of the island kept me going.

Fatigued yet determined I swam towards the island. All I could see was a white tree with someone or something staring away towards the endless ocean.

I slowly succumbed to the voices in my mind and decided to let go. But then, I touched it, the cover of mud which lay on the island. I knew I was there.

I dragged myself towards that someone who was still staring into the endless ocean completely oblivious of my presence.

It was a woman, bearing a child safely in her womb. She looked at me, smiled and turned away towards the endless ocean once again.

I closed my eyes and plunged into the maw of death.

I woke up, with mist in my eyes.

-Osiris 83 was last seen talking to the monolith.


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