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Today we have a meet in three of our main destination of growing trends in cinephilia. Here is the link to a leading daily writeup on our cinephile meet group in Jaipur.

The Article

Topic- Discovering film Criticism, and an intro on Andre Bazin

Delhi- 4m
Venue- CCD, Khan Market
Film Screening- None.

Hydrebad- 3pm-7pm
Venue- Mahadpur, Kavri Hills.
More details- Facebook.
Screening- The Bicycle Thief

Jaipur- 5:30pm-8:30pm
Venue-B-14, Bhawani Singh Lane,
Near MGF Metropolitan Mall,
C-Scheme, Jaipur - 01
Screening- Citizen Kane
More Details- Facebook.


We lucky that along with an intro of Bazin two movies that he championed are being screened in few of the mettings. Thanks to everyone who are taking an active role to champion these meeting and those who attending. This interaction is definitely a great learning experience and blessing for most of us. Not just for the joy of watching films with people who enjoy the experience but also to learn new set of values and opnion on cinema and life. So that each of us work towards being a better human beings and citizen of the world. And taking cinema to a new plane...One that Indian Cinema certainly deserves.


Issue no-2 ready to roll....announcement soon.

pic- Cold War kids...few of my favourite tracks from their previous albums:

1) Hang me up to dry
2) Hosptial Beds
3) We used to vacation

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MT said…
hope you're having fun!
Anonymous said…
Those from Hyderabad who are interested in taking part send me an email at shubhank[at]gmail[dot]com

I'll reply with the directions to the place.
nitesh said…
Thanks for dropping by Matt. The meeting were really entertaining and fun. Do read the reports that will be coming out shortly.
Jessica said…
Sounds like a very interesting and fun meeting!

P.S. Love Cold War Kids.
Jessica said…
Nitesh, Thanks so much for turning me on to Anton Corbijn! I had never heard of him before, but I LOVE his work now!I really miss doing traditional black and white photography, but cant find the time to get in the darkroom.. I loved the way his photographs told such vivid stories while sticking to a simple contrasty monotone image. great!

Are you planning on coming to the US anytime soon?
I'm considering a semester in India in the spring...
nitesh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
nitesh said…
There is always something very intimate about this whole process of developing a film whether using films in cinema or photography. Its like reading a book and reading online. Perhaps, i still prefer film(not much as a photographer, because I ain't one)but as a filmmaker...someday.

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