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The primary goal of Indian Auteur is to initiate a discussion among people who love cinema and everything else that is part of the medium. Discussion is an important reason for us taking different initiative across India. From our journal, Cinephile Meeting, Film Experiences and the Online Forum.

The Forum is a place where one should engage in a discussion to understand and discover cinema. The Forum is a place to learn and interact. So please abide by the rules and guidelines to keep a healthy, passionate and engaging discussion among cinephile brewing across the world.



Cinephile Meeting 20th - Mumbai

Representative- Suraj Chandrakar.

More info

Pic- Album art, Garham Samuels Peter, Bjorn&Young folk- one of my favorite bands in the last couple of years.


Anonymous said…
Great job getting the forums up. It was much needed.
Also, great to know someone from Mumbai heading the second meet.
nitesh said…
Yeah the Mumbai meet is happening these guys even Printed t-shirt with Indian Auteur logo on them...I guess the young batch is quite excited about it.

But lets see how it turns up. And the forum...yeah finally its up. After overcoming some real problems.
Kshitiz Anand said…
:) Congrats on the Forum launch ! Now for some quality discussions on Cinema there too !

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