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Chidambaram is a municipality and taluk (tehsil) headquarters in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. It is 11 km from the coast and 240 km south of Chennai by rail. Chidambaram is a major pilgrimage site for Shaivites as the temple there houses the Akasha Lingam of Shiva.

The Cinephile Meeting was an interesting endeavor for everyone present in the meeting. We never had a thing like this in India and we did not come across such initiative. So, first, we are glad that the idea is being taken and great that Indian Auteur and Cine Darbaar are doing this. And we hope we can grow from here in the first meeting.

We started with an introduction of the people who were present for the discussion. Currently most of them were from the college and the places nearby the college. We were total of about twelve people had assembled for this discussion.

And we people are not film students or any where related to cinema. But as an audience we are interested in learning and we love movies. And everyone here believed that this should help the voice of the place and people reach further and learning take place.

The Manifesto.

1. We did not have a problem with the manifesto.

2. Everyone agreed to the points laid down in the manifesto and wanted to contribute in different possible ways for the growth of the manifesto.

3. People suggested that for the Meeting to be more interactive contemporary topics plus different screening would allow the Cinephile Meeting to grow and also help strengthen the points of action laid down in the manifesto.

4. Another idea that we believe could be done is connecting all colleges in India. Because in most colleges people watch films and would like to read about films. Not just simple reviews but good criticique on films.even good articles are welcome.

5. One thing we believe that the manifesto or the meeting should have brought forward was that it’s difficult for good talent(in acting, directing etc.)to get chance in this closed industry. Where above talent, people who are born in the Industry fraternity are given a choice unlike those who have talent. Hence, connection precedes talents. This to our belief is a major downfall in the growth of any form of artistic integrity in this country. And we should join hands to seriously raise an objection and voice against these people. Who could best be described as- incompetent in their own work. Because stars sons know no acting, their cousins don’t know anything about direction. Yet they make films. No doubt it’s bound to be bullshit.

6. One thing we agree that we don’t want to displace mainstream cinema and also agree that people should do their job better than what has been done.

7. Above all Film Education is definitely needed in India. We read through the Film Education column on the website and would like to thank those who are taking the task of helping non-cinema goers to understand different terms and aspects.

8. Look at Slumdog, an Indian theme being directed by Danny Boyle and taken to a new height is something we should have come up with. It’s shame on India directors. They can also do these types of films. But they are just busy in making sequels which gives nothing but taking Bollywood down n down day by day. To tell the truth it’s not just about Cinema, youth in most places are hardly pushed further if they don’t plan to take a conventional path of achieving their goals.
9. So we should appeal those directors to stop doing these things.

The first cinephile meeting concluded with these points which went on for long. But I have noted the crux of most of our discussion. And we are hoping and looking forward to grow through the next stages. And we are eager to learn and hoping this continues not just now but for times to come.
- Nitish Acharaya.
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Anonymous said…
Good work Nitish (correct?)...
nitesh said…
@ Nitish and team, good work fellow. Hope this month discussion brings in new insight and ideas that we can implent or talk about in the coming months.
Anonymous said…
Nitish and folks good work. The star and their sons and family are like Indian politics we have. People think less about talent and promote neopotism in the larger context of things.

For any indepenent endeavour or even this sort of discusison its important to raise these issues. It's then only something could rise. Else we will have to continue licking the asses of medicore filmmakers, actors and producers.
Anonymous said…
Hats off guys, terrific job.

I would largely agree with what Rishab said. It's an interesting point you guys have brought out.
This can also prove to be a forum for unappreciated but talented individuals to participate.

@Nitesh ... I think we should compile these ideas from different meets and map them out. If something seems feasible we can think about implementing it.
HarryTuttle said…
Very interesting report there. I like how this is taking form. Thanks for publishing these reports.

Adding a screening before the meeting would be better indeed. If you can't get the rights to screen a film publically (and charge admission fees) yet, you could always meet at a arthouse, go watch a given movie together and talk about it (among other things) afterward in a cafe.

One remark : #9 is contradicted by #6. The mainstream fare, good or bad, will never end. The point is more to help the audience progressively understand that sequels and clich├ęs are "uncool" so that the trend will die out by itself.
nitesh said…
@ Shubhank
Yeah we will do so. This time round we are late on few reports, and some may even be compiled with the second edition. But I think a good assessment for you on our next action plan could come up at the end of second or third edition.

Beside I completely agree with these guys, I have never understood why these shitty star kids get a chance to actor or direct a film. When they have in 90% cases the least amount of talent to do anything. Not all of them succeed, but these guys completely kill-off the passage for new talent. Not just that but it’s these people who have formulated the whole notion of “Bollywood” that can exist without brains. And brainwashed the audience for years that they can keep doing their work without knowing their job.

In times to come we have to take a stance.

@ Harry

We trying to get rights for few screening to be done on a national scale. So that everyone watches the same film, and we have report on that. Sadly, we don’t have arthouse kinda theater anywhere in India. Else I think the idea to watch a movie release and then to talk about it would be interesting too.

Thanks for pointing out Harry, and adding to it... I guess they didn’t articulate it well. 
Anonymous said…
I'm not aware of the logistics but screening a film in a open theater or setting up a screen in an open ground could be a viable option.
I don't think there are any open air theaters in India, there could be but afaik there aren't any.
Anyway, as Harry mentioned a nominal fee could be charged to meet the costs of screening rights and other essential things. Also, it would be much-much cheaper than a multiplex ticket.

"help the audience progressively understand" -- this is something which Himanshu and I discussed last weekend. The awareness has to be gradual rather than straight-up into-the-face arrogance.
nitesh said…
The idea of the screening and nominal fees could come into picture in the third meeting. And I think all representatives for the second should discuss the prospect of screening a film from next month round at some location.

We need to try working out something for this.
HarryTuttle said…
Wait until you get more support and a larger audience. It's expensive to buy the rights with official paperworks. I wouldn't worry about that for another few months or a year if I were you.
Maybe you will get spontaneous propositions from theatre exhibitors or filmmakers, or with the Foreign embassies/cultural centers you're in contact with.

Until then you can go to the multiplex and watch commercial films to criticize them together, like Dev D or Slumdog Millionaire or any film currently distributed that is talked about in your magazine...

Or even just watching a DVD together.

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